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China and Cambodia Strengthen Efforts against Illegal Gambling

Cambodia and China agreed to level up their fight against telecommunication fraud and online gambling last week.

The Two Countries Boost Efforts against Fraud, Illegal Gambling

Li Keqiang, China’s Premier visited Cambodia last week and participated in the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit. During the event, he met with Cambodia’s Prime Minister, Hun Sen. The duo agreed to strengthen their relations and continue to crack down on telecommunications fraud, as well as online gambling.

According to a joint statement released on the topic, the two countries agreed for their law enforcement to collaborate against human trafficking, as well as telecommunications fraud and illegal gambling and other crimes.

Law enforcement cooperation is to be furthered with highlights on combating human trafficking, online gambling, telecom fraud and related heinous crimes, facilitated by closer cooperation in capacity building and information exchanges,

reads a joint statement on the topic

What’s more, Cambodia agreed to support cooperation with China in terms of cultural exchange. As a result, the country acknowledged it will continue to collaborate with China to “maintain regular exchanges between youth organizations and institutions.” Cambodia explained it will also support the so-called One-China policy and vowed to fight any activities that undermine the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The Fight Against Illegal Gambling Continues

The recent announcement doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that last month, Cambodia introduced new guidelines for casino and gambling operators. The country’s General Secretariat of the Commercial Gambling Management Commission (CGMC) released new guidelines facilitating the operation and taxation of the operators. Ultimately, the new rules seek to ensure that gambling operators that offer their services are licensed. Therefore, all gambling operators will need to reapply for a license by the end of the year. After that process is completed, Cambodia will focus on the crackdown on unlicensed operators.

The casino operators or owners have to display the original licenses or the certificate of legality in a visible place in their business locations,

explained the CGMC

Eliminating gambling-related fraud and unlicensed operators will also help Cambodia in its efforts to exit the Financial Action Task Force’s money-laundering gray list. A key goal toward this achievement was the country’s crackdown on illegal gambling venues. Also, in an effort to further clear the market from illegal gambling operators, the country announced it will collaborate with other countries as well. Although Cambodia is making progress, there are still efforts that the country can make such as launching deep investigations and further strengthening its anti-money laundering efforts.


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