May 11, 2023 2 min read


Checkd Group Taps into Voxbet’s Voice Search to Boost Engagement

The prominence of voice search in the sports betting sector is increasing and with it, companies are leveraging advanced solutions to improve engagement

Checkd Group has become the latest company to team up with Voxbet, which utilizes AI-powered voice recognition technology, and which will now be part of the Betting Hub app. The integration will significantly reduce friction in customers betting journey and make it easier for users to pick up on the markets they want to bet on.

Checkd Group Leverages Voice Betting for Seamless Experiences

Essentially, users now only need to speak or write their bet and it will be placed instantly. There is no error margin, meaning that Voxbet is a proofed solution that allows customers to reliably place the specific selections they are after, reducing the time it takes to make a bet, and allowing for sports fans to focus on the game.

The integration was facilitated by Checkd Dev, Checkd Group’s in-house technological division. The partnership will allow the company to deploy its product across its betting platforms, with the company already reporting strong results in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Checkd Group is also working on the release of a new product, the FlashPicks sports betting app, which will focus on the US market and seek to significantly scale the business’s reach in local markets.

Betting Hub Getting a New Power-up

Checkd Dev managing director Adam Patton welcomed this new opportunity and said that Voxbet provided a simple, compelling, and entertaining product that is significantly going to boost and enhance the processes of the Betting Hub app. Patton added:

We are committed to creating best-in-class technologies for the benefit of both our customers and operator partners and this launch is the latest step along that journey.

Checkd Dev managing director Adam Patton

He called the technology impressive and said that customers have already offered overwhelmingly positive feedback. Voxbet CEO Jonathan Power has similarly welcomed the opportunity to work with Checkd Group and introduce the technology into Betting Hub.

He called the app an impressive tool and said that it was a great opportunity to see the Voxbet tool integrated into the app to help further streamline the customer journey. “We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Checkd Group,” Power concluded.


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