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Charles Bronson Won Hundreds of Pounds from Illegal Bets in Prison

The criminal admitted to having made a small fortune (by prison standards) through illegal bets with other inmates

Charles Bronson, a criminal who’s been behind bars for the last five decades, admitted that he is a passionate sports bettor. This confession normally wouldn’t be anything special if not for the fact that prison rules prohibit gambling.

Bronson’s claim comes amid his parole hearing and may actually affect his future. The criminal got into prison in 1974 on the account of armed robbery. He may have been a reformed man by now if not for his love for breaking the rules, which resulted in additional sentences.

The parole board recently convened at HMP Woodhill in Buckinghamshire to discuss Bronson’s situation. During the gathering, the prisoner’s various prison rules violations were commented on, including his love for placing punts on sports.

According to Bronson, he has won around £1,500 ($1,778, current conversion rates) throughout his years of wagering with other inmates. Since gambling is forbidden in British prisons, this raises a serious question about the efficiency of the prison system and its protocols.

Crime Defined Bronson’s Life

If gambling was Bronson’s only vice, he may have gotten away with it easily. However, the criminal is also notorious for his love for violence. After a fight in which he covered himself in butter, Bronson said that he “loves a rumble” and doesn’t know a man who doesn’t.

Bronson’s “impressive track record” includes holding hostages in prison around a dozen times and fighting with other inmates. In one instance he fought a prison warden and bragged that he enjoyed it thoroughly.

Bronson’s history of crime is not contained to the prison. In fact, the criminal was released on several occasions but returned to prison soon after. For example, he was released in 1987 after serving the sentence for his first armed robbery (which was extended due to him fighting other inmates while in prison). However, Bronson quickly got involved in another robbery and returned to prison some months later.

Bronson was once again released in 1992 but was jailed three months later. At that point, he began committing various crimes in prison and got into a fight with a person who criticized one of his paintings.

Born Michael Gordon Peterson, the criminal now likes to call himself Charles Salvador because of his passion for painting. Nowadays, the man promises that his life of violence is behind him as he hopes to earn parole. However, the parole board remains skeptical of these claims as Bronson admitted that he did not feel remorse for his crimes in prison.


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