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Charges against Ex-Wynn Executive in Varsity Blues Scandal Dropped

After last month, Abdelaziz's conviction was overturned, now federal prosecutors dropped all of the charges against him

Gamal Abdelaziz, the former Wynn Resorts executive, was one of the many defendants involved in the massive Varsity Blues scandal that made news headlines a few years ago. Allegations against him claimed that he paid $300,000 to have his daughter accepted into a US university without her meeting the athletic standard.

Now, in a new episode of the saga, all of the charges against Abdelaziz from the federal prosecutors were dropped. In a Wednesday filing with the US District Court in Boston, federal prosecutors confirmed that all of the charges against him and John Wilson, another parent involved in the “Varsity Blues” scandal are dropped. The latest decision comes after last month, following an appeal, Abdelaziz’s sentence was overturned.

Conviction Was Overturned Last Month

Previously, the man was sentenced by Boston’s US District Judge Nathaniel Gordon to one year in prison, as well as a hefty fine of $250,000 along with 400 hours of community service. While many other defendants pleaded guilty, Abdelaziz didn’t and appealed his conviction, seeking to overturn the charges.

Brian Kelly, Abdelaziz’s lawyer, commented at the time explaining: “Mr Abdelaziz has maintained his absolute innocence from day one and is enormously grateful that the appeals court has reversed his unfair conviction.” Additionally, Abdelaziz previously claimed that he was in fact the victim of fraud and didn’t have any idea that university officials would be bribed with his “donations.” Given the overturned conviction on appeal and most recently the dropped charges, other individuals involved in the Varsity Blues scandal that have outstanding legal disputes may also benefit.

Yet the recent decision to drop the charges raises questions for others involved in the scandal that previously pled guilty. At the same time, the massive legal hurdle certainly raised eyebrows regarding wealthy parents and how they can leverage donations to have their children accepted to top universities without the necessary skills or qualifications.

But the Varsity Blues scandal also helped push changes within the US college admissions system. In fact, USC, where Abdelaziz’s daughter was admitted, implemented changes to its admission process that included the creation of a new admissions committee. Other high-profile colleges have also taken similar steps.


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