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Century Awaits Approval for Cambodia New Casino Opening

Following multiple delays, Century Entertainment has still not been given the go-ahead to open its new casino in Dara Sakor amid mounting COVID-19 case numbers.

Cambodia’s Century Entertainment Casino Remains Shut

Century Entertainment International Holdings Ltd will have to slow down and reconsider the date for starting operations at its new casino in Dara Sakor as the COVID-19 caseload continues to increases, cutting the leisurely and entertainment business off its lifeline, i.e. tourism.

The property’s opening has been rescheduled three times in several months now, originally announced for February, but then deferred by one month each time.

“There has been no significant progress on the re-opening preparation works of the new casino including systems testing and provision of training to casino staff,” the owner of the property told Century Entertainment last week.

Nevertheless, the property will remain on standby and continue preparatory work to ensure that once the government grants its approval, Century’s casino will launch in earnest.

Much of this would depend on how Cambodia handles the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which continues to claim lives in the country and heap pressure on the health system.

Originally Planned for February, Casino Still Shut

Century originally planned to open the casino in Sihanoukville, relocating from another property in the same city, but ended up deciding against it at the request of the company’s chairman and CEO Ng Man Sun.

Century remains hopeful that it can finally reopen the property, which will feature 20 mass gaming tables, seven niu-niu poker tables, and 10 tables earmarked for baccarat along with other gaming amenities, such as blackjack, sic bo, live poker, and 25 VIP tables.

Cambodia is far from the only country in the region to be impacted by a mounting health crisis brought on by the virus. India is facing an unprecedented epidemic that shuttered casino operations in the state of Goa on Thursday and is likely to continue until the country can rein in the death toll, which has been climbing up quickly.

The caseload in Cambodia has been climbing steadily since April 7 according to official World Health Organization (WHO) data.

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