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Celtics vs Bucks, Game 3: Prediction – Giannis Yet to Shine

  • Giannis manages to avoid shut-down
  • Celtics let Bucks slip with 20-odd points advantage
  • Game 3 uncertain for either team

A strong Game 2 for the Milwaukee Bucks helped them get a 1-1 tie against the Celtics. With Game 3 nearing, both teams have some thinking to do. Will the Celtics show inconsistent play like they have been doing so far?

Game 3: 2019 NBA Playoffs: Bucks vs Celtics

Game 2 went in the way of the Milwaukee Bucks who managed to find a foothold and sweep the Boston Celtics back, concluding the game with 123-102 in their favor. The Bucks knew that they can’t afford another loss, and especially not one on home turn.

Sweeping the Celtics in the second half with a 31-4 run, the Bucks took their place on the top of the food chain, struggling to keep the advantage, but not letting too much leeway to the Celtics either. Estimated 54% of all shots were made from the field for Boston who did rather well in overcoming the great pressure they were under.

Giannis Antetokounmpo didn’t do half bad, but he wasn’t in top form either, but he sealed the deal with 29 points. Khris Middleton added another 28 pretty much giving the Bucks the power-up they needed in Game 1.

If anything, the Celtics downfall was predicated on the inconsistency they have been showing all throughout the season.

There was perhaps no better example than Game 2 of the Playoffs against the Bucks. Allowing your opponent to sneak past you with a 20-odd-point advantage doesn’t sit well.

The Stats for the Bucks vs Celtics, Game 3, 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Kyrie Irving Still Has It

Irving’s own performance was somewhat poor in Game 2, though he brought 22 field points to his name. He definitely needs to pick up his pace for his team to be able to close in on the bucks as they did in Game 1.

The truth is Irving is not good in scuffles. He used to be supported by LeBron James which always opened great opportunities for him, but without James by his side, Irving is definitely a little slower and less productive.

Irving admitted that he could have played a much better game and this is what makes him a great athlete, James or no James. Looking all confident, Irving will be coming in strong in Game 3 on Friday.

Why Did the Bucks Win in Game 2?

The answer is most likely Giannis’ flexibility. While the Celtics saw him walled off early in Game 1, Game 2 was another story altogether. Giannis didn’t waste time on getting a feeling of the Celtics defense and shot right for the basket, getting away with early field shots.

Even though his efficacy took a nose dive later into the game, he had already done a good job putting the Bucks at 78 points against 71 points for the Celtics in the second half, when the Milwaukeeans managed to build their game-sealing advantage.


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