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Cavs Legion Gaming Introduces Plans for New Esports Stadium

  • Cavs Legion gaming announces new gaming stadium
  • The venue will be used for off-season events
  • NBA 2K League continues to develop

Cleveland Cavaliers’ esports team expands further by adding a new HQ stadium for training purposes and off-season events.

Cleveland Cavaliers Announce Esports Stadium

Cleveland Cavaliers’ esports arm is pushing ahead with efforts to expand the significance of competitive video gaming both within the NBA and beyond. Cavs Legion Gaming, the franchise’s esports alter ego that competes in the NBA 2K League, has revealed plans to introduce a 2,700 square feet stadium dedicated to video gaming tournaments, and specifically NBA 2K League events.

With the current season drawing to an end on August 3, Cavs will seek to host a number of events during the off-season and keep their players in good shape. The Battery Park, Cleveland-based HQ will also allow Cavs Legion Gaming to have a home arena where they will be able to further hone their 2K skills.

The center itself will be called Cavs Legion GC and it will offer 40 quality gaming stations, which the team will be able to use during training sessions and official events. A number of hardware suppliers have already offered their products to turn the stadium into a state-of-the-art gaming hub.

Some of the companies to supply Cavs Legion GC are Alienware, Raynor and SteelSeries. Commenting on the most recent developments, Cavaliers President of Business Nic Barlage had the following to say:

Not only will this training center give our Cavs Legion team a first-class venue to practice and sharpen their skills for the NBA 2K League, but it will also provide our region’s next generation of star gamers best-in-class tools to fuel their passion for esports.

Esports in the NBA 2K League

Apart from the team’s training grounds, the facility will have a 16-foot-long wall display so that fans will never miss out a development. Cavs Legion is among the 22 franchises to have agreed to join the digital league, out of 30 franchises in the mainstream league.

The NBA 2K League is the latest experiment the NBA dabbled and so far, the digital competition has been well-received. Esports in the NBA are enjoying the support of Commissioner Adam Silver as well as the majority of franchises within the NBA. Esports are a growing business and Mr. Silver is well aware of the fact.

A few months ago, the NBA introduced a Hong Kong qualifier for its esports competition, hoping to bring overseas talent to the NBA 2K League for the first time. The annual salaries in the League start at $25,000 and athletes enjoy a number of other perks, such as accommodation and gaming gear.


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