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Catena Media Updates Financial Goals as CEO Daly Targets AI Supremacy

The company posted suboptimal Q4 2023 results but is optimistic about its long-term success

Catena Media CEO Michael Daly has commented on the company’s AI capabilities in the wake of the company’s Q4 report. While he dubbed the financial results “disappointing,” Daly believes that the affiliate has an edge over its rivals when it comes to artificial intelligence.

The firm has long been investing in AI solutions, seeking to reinforce its business. According to CEO Daly, these new solutions have the potential to reshape the entire media industry, especially the sports betting and casino gaming sectors.

Daly is doubtful that other firms will be able to catch up to Catena when it comes to AI, saying that its investment has been much focused on artificial intelligence and search engine optimization. While some of these investments are still in the early stages, Catena Media is working with specialists in the tech sector who have a proven track record in the AI sector.  

Daly is also uncertain whether Catena Media’s competitors would be able to copy what his company is doing. Even if they try, it would be an uphill battle, he pointed out. The CEO concluded that his team will try to capitalize on its AI investments as soon as possible and remain ahead of the curve.

While Catena Media is mostly optimistic about the future of AI technology and will continue its investments, Daly noted that the suboptimal results in Q4 will likely affect its bottom line.

Catena Media Updates Long-Term Financial Targets

In line with the recent results, Catena Media updated its long-term financial targets for 2024-2026, seeking to transition to more a sustainable revenue model. The updated revenue follows the completion of the group’s strategic review in November 2023.

Catena Media’s report shows that the company expects a resumption of its organic growth in the second half of 2024 and full-year adjusted EBITDA in the range of EUR 20-30 million.

The company’s targets also include double-digit organic growth in revenue and adjusted EBITDA for 2025 and 2026. The company also targets net interest-bearing debt to adjusted EBITDA ratio of 0-1.75.

Furthermore, Catena Media’s shift towards a more sustainable revenue model will involve recruiting more players via revenue-share agreements with operators compared to cost-per-acquisition (CPA) contracts, the company said. It will also include the implementation of a program of investments in tech and data innovation that will be launched later this year.

Catena Media’s goal is to reinvent its core technological focus and put tech, innovation and immersive user experiences at the forefront of its business. As Daly pointed out, the company will continue investing in AI solutions. In addition to that, Catena Media will make investments in paid media, subaffiliation and further strategic media partners.

Speaking about its AI plans, Catena Media said that its investments will include “the establishment of a joint venture with a specialist AI partner to develop a generative AI application dedicated exclusively to content production for online betting and casino gaming affiliation.”

Confirming Daly’s words, Catena Media’s report stated that AI innovations will enable Catena Media to scale up and improve its business.


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