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Catena Media Designates Erik Edeen as Interim CFO

This will not be the first time Edeen has served the company as interim chief financial officer, Catena Media pointed out

Catena Media, a company delivering traffic to iGaming brands and financial services, has announced a new appointment. The affiliate will be joined by the skilled Erik Edeen who will serve as its interim chief financial officer.

Erik Edeen, who is set to step in as interim CFO, holds a Master of Business and Economics with a major in Financial Accounting from Uppsala University. Furthermore, he is a seasoned finance veteran who has worked in various finance-related roles at many companies. His impressive track record has seen him work with corporations such as ICA Gruppen AB and Investor AB, among others.

With over 16 years of experience in leading financial management roles, Edeen boasts a variety of other experiences as well. In recent times, he served as a strategic advisor to a high-profile media corporation, Catena Media noted.

CFO Messner to Leave the Company

Edeen will step into office on May 22, 2023, and will be responsible for the company’s finance. In this position, the new hire will succeed Peter Messner who is departing from the company.

The outgoing CFO served in this position for over three years, having joined Catena Media in April 2020. While his exit was announced in February, Messner will remain on board until June, ensuring a smooth transition of responsibilities.

Michael Daly, Catena Media’s chief executive officer, commented on that:

Given our closer focus on the North American market, we have agreed that this is the right time to make a transition in our financial leadership.

Michael Daly, CEO, Catena Media

Daly thanked Messner for his contribution to the company’s tremendous recent successes and wished him all the best.

Edeen Returns to Catena Media

Edeen isn’t a stranger to Catena Media and has previously worked with the company. Between 2019 and 2020, the finance expert had a short stint as the affiliate’s interim CFO, filling the position prior to Messner’s appointment.

Daly welcomed Edeen to the company, saying that he is excited to have him back. The CEO praised the appointee’s experience, saying that it makes him perfectly suited to be a part of Catena’s leadership.

I’m excited to welcome Erik as our interim CFO. His long professional career and past experience of Catena Media will make him a valuable member of the executive management team.

Michael Daly, CEO, Catena Media

In February, the Danish company Better Collective invested in Catena Media, securing a 5% stake in the affiliate company. Better Collective, which is one of Catena Media’s major competitors, released only a short statement on the matter, saying that it is content with the investment and doesn’t plan to further discuss it.


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