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Fortnite: Next Week Imperative for eSport Game

Fortnite Fans are trying hard to make the game into an eSport contender. Next week is the Fortnite Pro AM 2018. It is going...
Melbourne City

Melbourne will Host Australia’s Largest eSport Event

The last time Melbourne was in the news about gambling was for Crown Resorts Melbourne and its possible terrorist situation. The negative news has...
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Not Supported in eSports

Fortnite is becoming "the" eSports game in the US, and many places around the world. It has its own magazine. It is a game...
ReKT Global

ReKT Global Partnership With Over Powered Network

eSports is big business, with new games gaining in popularity. It is no surprise that two companies will form a partnership to benefit each...
MotoGP eSport Tournament Is Happening Again in 2018!

MotoGP eSport Tournament Is Happening Again in 2018!

The MotoGP eSport championship is coming again this year. The organizers of the event have promised to give us more console types, more games...
Fortnite Season 4

Fortnite Battles and New Skins

Fortnite is eSports and it is only getting bigger. It is a game that is not going to go away. It is also becoming...

Ex-Members of Orlando John Begin Working at the Cube

Unfortunately for Orlando John, a talent and recruitment agency, some of their best people within the esports division have up and left to join...
Esports Inching to Olympics Thanks to Spot in East Asia Games

Esports Inching to Olympics Thanks to Spot in East Asia Games

While at present we cannot watch the world’s best gamers battle it out on platforms such as the Olympics, the fact of the matter...
Esports Might Be Nintendo’s Next Big Push

Esports Might Be Nintendo’s Next Big Push

Nintendo has recently unveiled the line-up for their Super Smash Bros contest for E3 and many have noted how it seems that based on...
Player Unknown’s Battleground Popular in eSports

Player Unknown’s Battleground Popular in eSports

Player Unknown Battleground is now available on mobile devices, which will make eSports fans happy. PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground is one of the...


Google Ads on a mobile phone.

Google to Weave Ads Restrictions for Online Betting Agencies in NJ

Google sets new advertising policy in New Jersey New rules apply only for online sports betting agencies Exception may be introduced later...

Latest News

Paradise City Casino in South Korea

Sega Sammy Wants to Build Japanese Integrated Resort

Sega still bidding strongly for Japan's IR project The company wants to build the entire resort Sega is working on streamlining its finances
Marina Bay Sands Singapore resort expansion

Marina Bay Sands to Raise SG$8bn in New Expansion Effort

MBS applies for SG$8bn loan (US$6bn approx.) This is the first loan application for the company since 2012 Singapore approves MBS expansion Marina Bay Sands...
Liliya Novikova at a PokerStars game.

The Russian Doll of Poker, Liliya Novikova, Dies Aged 26

Photo Credit: PokerStars "Russian doll" of poker dies aged 26 Novikova suffered electrocution and possible head trauma She was...
A casino in Asia

AGA Backs U.S. Operators’ Bid for Japanese IR

AGA head says U.S. operators ready to invest in Osaka IR American brands have track record of assisting communities Osaka Mayor requests $186m to fit subway project...
Cambodia's Jiding property

Cambodia Continues to Issue Licenses for Casinos in Q1, 2019

Cambodia continues to issue casino licenses at a quick pace A new legal gaming framework arriving soon Sihanoukville troubles with unlicensed operator...