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Casumo Selects Janice Duncan for Group Chief Financial Officer

Rank Interactive's former CFO joined the award-winning online gaming group, Casumo

The leading Maltese online casino, Casumo, strengthened its senior-level team by hiring Janice Duncan, a proven industry expert with a track record within the gambling vertical. Joining the company, she was appointed to the role of group chief financial officer (CFO). As a part of Casumo’s C-suite, Duncan joins a team under the leadership of Francesco Postiglione, the company’s CEO.

In a statement released via Linkedin, Casumo’s CEO welcomed Duncan to the company. He explained that it will be exciting to see an expert like her strengthen the leadership team, delivering extensive experience that will be pivotal for the company’s future growth. “Your expertise and insights will undoubtedly be invaluable as we navigate new opportunities and challenges together. Once again, welcome to the team,” explained Postiglione in conclusion.

Janice, on behalf of the entire leadership team, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as our new Chief Financial Officer.

Francesco Postiglione, CEO at Casumo Holdings Ltd

Duncan was similarly delighted about the recent announcement and explained that she is excited to become a part of the team of experts at Casumo as CFO. She spoke about the brand’s commitment to customers and acknowledged its innovative approach. Additionally, Duncan pointed out that it will be exciting to be a part of the future of Casumo.

I’m delighted to announce I am joining Casumo as Group CFO as part of Francesco Postiglione new leadership team.

Janice Duncan, Group CFO at Casumo

Duncan Brings Extensive Experience within the Gaming Industry

Before becoming Group CFO at Casumo, Duncan was a part of Rank Interactive, a leading online company in charge of multiple casino websites. Overall, she was a part of the company for two and a half years. It’s no surprise that Duncan held the same role at Rank Interactive, before deciding to end her tenure and join Casumo.

Today was my last day at Rank Interactive. It’s true what they say about people making a good job great, and I have had the pleasure to work beside some truly fantastic people who are as equally passionate about Rank’s brands as they are about the customer experience,

added Duncan

Being a part of Rank Interactive brought excitement for Duncan and she said it was a pleasure to collaborate with the company’s experts. She thanked the Rank’s teams based in the UK, Mauritius and Gibraltar for their professionalism and dedication. At the same time, Duncan said that she is delighted with the progress by Rank Interactive.

Besides Rank, Duncan was also a part of other gaming industry leaders. For three years she held different senior-level roles with William Hill, including finance director – UK online. Throughout her professional career, Duncan was also a part of Coral for nearly 5 years.


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