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CasinoCoin Powers Omnia Casino’s Loyalty Token

CasinoCoin will build an exclusively loyalty token for Omnia Casino. The token will be property of Omnia Casino and will be used to improve engagement, automation and other key metrics.

CasinoCoin to Power Omnia Casino’s Loyalty Token

Blockchain gaming platform CasinoCoin has signed a partnership with Omnia Casino, a cryptocurrency casino, to introduce a custom token that will power the casino’s loyalty and rewards program.

As a result, players will be able to participate in the loyalty program and use their loyalty points to trade them in for free spins, bonuses, and other goods listed by the casino at the point of exchange.

The token will be property of Omni Casino, based on the CasinoCoin blockchain platform, but nevertheless fully controlled by the casino. Omni Casino is hoping to introduce a quicker way for players to engage with the rewards program, while boosting security and slashing any fees in the process.

Commenting on the achieved progress, Omni Group founder Sam Hobcraft, said: “Innovation is at the heart of Omnia Casino, so we are delighted to be the first major operator to move its rewards programme onto the blockchain.”

Mr. Hobcraft explained that CasinoCoin was a suitable pick to power a new token, as the company offered secure and scalable solutions. Omni Group is also looking forward to working with Omni Casino as a long-term partner.

Meanwhile, CasinoCoin Foundation John Caldwell had this to add:

“Omnia Casino is the latest to find an innovative way to use our blockchain to deliver tangible, real-world benefits to its operation.”

According to Mr. Caldwell, the custom token would allow Omnia to boost key metrics, improve security and automate services as well as increase engagement.

CasinoCoin Moves

Earlier this year, CasinoCoin introduced a number of advisors in the face of Richard Cammegh, Brandon Knowles, and Oliver Wu. The trio was joined by former PokerStars member Shoba Haridas.

Several members also left around the same time with David Sargeant, Britt Boeskov, Morten Tonnesen, and Antonio Zanghi all leaving. Mr. Zanghi is still a relied-upon advisor, but all of the former members have largely moved onto new pursuits in the cryptocurrency space.

Commenting on these moves in October, Mr. Caldwell said:

“It has been two years since we first announced our advisory board, and in that time our advisors have proven invaluable in providing the expertise and support required to launch CasinoCoin in a range of real-world use cases.”

The partnership with Omnia Casino is one of the most significant developments for CasinoCoin to date.

CasinoCoin value fell to $US0.0000374 today, down 0.29%.


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