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Casino Player Alleges Golden Nugget, Newark Cheated in Craps

New Jersey would do well to investigate, confirm or refute claims levied against the Golden Nugget in Newark by a customer

This is the opinion of a New York court which reviewed the case of state local Wayne Chan who sued the casino property in September 2021 after he lost $469,125 at the casino’s craps games. The incident dates back to 2018 and 2019, and the company denies wrongdoing.

High Roller Gambler Fights Casino in Court over “Owed” Amount

In fact, Chan is said to owe the casino $200,000. However, Chan has been adamant in his resolve, alleging that the casino had marked the dice with the table number and used nontransparent dice which violates state laws in New Jersey.

Chan has outright accused the casino of cheating. His lawyers have delivered a passionate case for their client, arguing that the use of non-transparent dice was indeed a forbidden practice that could lead to the usage of weighted dice and ensure that consumers are being cheated.

“These illegal practices placed Plaintiff at an even greater disadvantage when the games are already stacked against the players and in favor of the casinos,” a letter by Chan’s lawyers said. The rule about transparent dice is clearly embedded in New Jersey’s gambling framework.

Chan and his legal team further allege that the casino operations manager knew about the issue and admitted having been doing it “for years” without any objections. The plaintiff now alleges that the casino – and its operations manager in particular – knowingly and purposefully breached the regulations outlined by the Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey.

The $200,000 allegedly owed to the casino by Chan was part of a summary judgement that the property sought against their former client.

However, this judgement was “premature” and the Appellate Division, First Department in Manhattan said that the state regulator, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement will now have to take a closer look at the matter and decide what had been going on and whether the use of non-transparent dice, both by the testimony of Chan and alleged admittance of the casino operations manager indeed checked out with state laws.

*Correction: The title of the article is meant to say “Golden Nugget Atlantic City.” Newark is the county the lawsuit has been filed in. We are sorry for the confusion.


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