Casino Esports Conference Returns for Sixth Edition on March 23-24

The annual Casino Esports Conference will be taking place in Las Vegas once again this year. The event’s sixth edition is headed for the Alexis Park Resort on March 23 and March 24 and features a number of speakers, industry experts, lawyers, and more. The number of participants is already available on the official website, and there are many prominent guests who will seek to talk esports in the broader context of gaming.

Among those are head of partnerships Marek Suchar, Take Two Interactive director Jon Moses, former PlayUp CEO Dr. Laila Mintas, Allied Esports CEO and director Frank Ng, Fifth Street Gaming chairman Seth Schorr and many others.

Making Sense of Esports Betting in 2022

The convergence of so many experts will seek to broach important topics for the gaming and esports industries, including the rollout of esports betting products, finance, and the state of college esports, which has been rapidly developing across the United States.

States such as Connecticut, Nevada, and New Jersey are already exploring esports betting a little more seriously, and they want to introduce them – or have done so in the case of Connecticut – as part of their sports betting frameworks.

Meanwhile, states like Wyoming have pushed things further along, opening their betting legislation to cryptocurrencies and esports, inviting unique new products. As promoted by Unikrn, skill betting is already a hot topic for many in the United States, but it’s hardly the only platform to offer ground-breaking products.

As the pandemic has forced many sports to retreat, esports were finally brought to the frontlines. At the onset of the pandemic, Nevada had to pass exclusive betting permits for individual events. The Silver States accepted wagers on the ESL Pro League Season II: North America held in 2020, among others. The return of regular sports events has chilled Nevada regulators’ enthusiasm for esports though.

Some Big Names Absent, Esports Not Retreating

Esports have made a lasting impression on betting crowds and have long been touted as a gateway to younger generations. Rivalry, Pinnacle, and Luckbox are notably absent from the conference, even though these companies created an esports-first product and are now successfully transitioning into casino and sports betting.

The topics discussed by the conference will touch on virtually every important aspect that is currently debated in the industry but still remains up in the air for one reason or another. The conference will begin with a discussion of the state of esports in the casino, college, finance, and globally.

Speakers will take a look at the current state of regulation on a state-by-state basis and how esports can benefit from cryptocurrencies. College esports betting will be another topic of interest to participants.

The bulk of the esports betting discussion will remain focused on the first day of the conference for those of you who are specifically heading out to explore this aspect of the industry. The second day of discussions will be focused mostly on broader gaming and NFT implications for esports.

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