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Casino Dealer and Woman Accused of Cheating in Las Vegas

The two are suspected of engaging in an unelaborate cheating scheme which took place at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

A woman, suspected of conspiring with a dealer at a Las Vegas casino and allegedly cheating on a number of times, was recently arrested. The incident happened at the premium gaming and hospitality venue, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Sin City and dates back to last year.

Security at the casino was able to identify one of its dealers allegedly conspiring with one player, a woman identified with the initials Y.K., as announced by KLAS. The woman, who is either 42 or 43 based on her birth year, likely was “in a relationship” with the casino dealer who allegedly helped her cheat at a game called “I Luv Suits Poker.”

An investigation led by the gambling regulator in the state, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), resulted in the issuing of an arrest warrant for the woman suspected of cheating. Despite the arrest warrant being outstanding since last year, the woman was only recently detained.

She was arrested on Wednesday last week after law enforcement stopped her in a car for driving with an expired registration. Police realized that there was a warrant for her arrest and immediately took her in.

The Charges The Woman Is Facing Are Felonies

Currently, the young woman is facing one charge for attempting or conspiring to cheat at a gambling game along with five counts of cheating at a gambling game. Cheating at a gambling game is classified as a “C” class felony which can be subject to a penalty of up to $10,000, restitution and between one and five years in prison for first-time offenders.

People suspected of such crimes can get away with a lenient sentence if they are able to prove that they didn’t have fraudulent intent. The penalty for attempting or conspiring to cheat is similar to cheating at a gambling game but such charges may complicate the process which can potentially result in a tougher sentence. It is yet to be confirmed whether the casino dealer is also facing criminal charges.

Earlier this week, Judge Harmony Letizia allowed the release of the suspect on her own recognizance. The woman is expected to return to court in mid-June.

Allegations against the woman claim that she received payouts from the dealer even when her hand was losing. Further investigation is yet to determine what sum the casino at Mandalay Bay lost to the activity. So far it is alleged that through the unelaborate activity, 17 payouts were completed.


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