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Cashless Gaming Advances as Aristocrat, Everi Holdings Team Up

Propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and the notion that the virus could be transmitted across physical cash, casinos rapidly began integrating payment alternatives last year. Several options had been available for the past couple of years, but bringing them to gaming floors and other casino operations was a slow process. This is no longer the case, however, as a number of operators are enthusiastically looking for cashless options. They will now have one more available, as Aristocrat Technologies’ casino management system will now include Everi Holdings’ digital wallet.

Cashless the New Norm at Casinos

While there’s little chance cash will disappear from casinos, at least for the next 20 years, cashless purchases continue to gain traction. Resorts World Las Vegas raised the bar with its recent grand opening and other casino properties are going to follow suit. With Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 to feature the CashClub Wallet by Everi, operators will have an easier way to provide cashless solutions for table games, electronic gaming devices and mobile operations.

The announcement of the partnership was made during last week’s Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention in Las Vegas. Aristocrat Executive VP of Customer Experience Cath Burns explained at the time, “The integration between Oasis 360 and Everi’s CashClub Wallet shows our focus on delivering innovative guest and operator experiences for our customers with a continued pledge to world-class partnerships. Our commitment to both guest and operator experiences are at the heart of everything we do and this partnership will be a driving force to move our industry technologies forward.”

Aristocrat, Everi Enjoy Standing Partnership

This new cashless option isn’t a recent endeavor, according to Everi’s FinTech head. Darren Simmons explains that the two companies have been working on initiatives together and that this marks the culmination of those efforts. He adds that both companies continue to partner on innovative solutions that will benefit their mutual customer bases, and will explore “continued engagement by creating integrated solutions to deliver a seamless experience.”

Aristocrat has also been busy with other major players in the gaming industry to facilitate the introduction of cashless systems. Together with Sightline Payments and Boyd Gaming, it was involved in an initiative to launch a cashless option at Boyd properties in Indiana, Nevada, Ohio and others, Boyd’s BoydPay digital wallet. Aristocrat and Sightline are working on other solutions for the Oasis 360 casino management system, as well.

In addition to offering gamblers more options at the tables and machines, casinos are able to benefit significantly from cashless options. They are able to capture player data, including how much money is being spent, how much time is being spent at a particular option and gaming preferences. They also reduce security and money-laundering risks by providing a digital record of each transaction. These advantages also benefit gaming and financial regulators, as the data can be used to implement gaming and financial transaction laws and rules better.


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