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Canada’s Sports Betting Market Expanding with Little Fanfare

There hasn’t been much publicity yet, but single-game wagering is now possible through lottery retailers throughout Western Canada. The new version, SPORT SELECT by Western Canada Lottery Corp. (WCLC), was launched on November 1.

Sports Betting Expands in Canada

WCLC can operate games in Canada’s three northern territories, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. SPORT SELECT previously only allowed parlays in accordance with Canadian laws. That changed this past summer, and SPORT SELECT has updated the game to allow for a simpler wager. However, players will still need to go to an authorized dealer to make their final bets.

Kevin van Egdom, WCLC’s director of communications, explained to sports media outlet Covers, “This is part of a suite of enhancements designed to modernize the product and improve the player experience, and it is now available throughout our region, comprising Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.”

He added, “As we mentioned previously, WCLC has been working towards this SPORT SELECT rejuvenation for some time, and when single-event wagers were legalized in Canada, we moved to include this option within the scope of the changes.”

More Expansion Across Canada Coming

These single-event options have been limited to the extent that only the gaming corporations and provincial lottery offer singles. Nova Scotia is one example of a province that has not had these options.

It’s only been months since a significant shake-up in federal gambling laws. However, provinces are looking at casino-based sportsbooks as well as other retail options. Ontario is also working to create a market for online gambling and sports betting. However, it is currently expected that the first quarter in 2022 will be the most likely time.

SPORT SELECT seems to be the legal only single-game gambling option in Saskatchewan and territories, according to the WCLC’s latest update. While the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority will be launching an online casino that includes sports betting, it is unlikely to open in the province until 2022.

A player can make a single-game SPORT SELECT bet by visiting a lottery retailer. They can also enter their bets online. To scan the QR code and get a ticket, they will need to take it to a retailer.

Greater Flexibility With Betting Choices

WCLC’s update included several betting options (such as totals, props, and point spreads) under the umbrella of SPORT SELECT. The wagering limit is $100.

Van Egdom explained that predictions from all these bet types can all be made together on one ticket, provided that all the picks come from different events. Single-event wagers can be placed on SPORTSELECT and all eligible events are noted on game lists.

WCLC kept its sports pools separated, but bettors can wager $5 in order to play against other players. They were able to accurately predict the outcome for every game on the card. Futures betting was also introduced by WCLC, which includes wagering on the winner of this year’s Grey Cup.

Another change is the provision of real-time betting chances that will be updated when a buyer buys their ticket. Van Egdom explained that even if odds change, they are honored at the time of purchase.


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