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Cambodian Authorities to Continue with Gambling Crackdown

Cambodia authorities are adamant that the crackdown on illegal gambling should continue, confirmed Minister of Interior Sar Kheng, who also warning law enforcement officers to avoid getting involved with these crimes.

Gambling Preludes Serious Crimes

Kheng addressed the issue of online gambling alongside drug offenses while speaking at the inauguration of a new school building in Battambang province, reported The Phnom Penh Post.

The Minister outlined that gambling leads to serious offenses such as human trafficking, torture, kidnapping, confinement, arms trafficking, and money laundering, and, determined to deal with these crimes, each of which poses an even greater danger to society than gambling itself, the government launched a crackdown campaign on gambling and would continue to tackle illegal gambling operations.

Following the coordinated police actions nationwide, 90% of illegal gambling sites were closed according to the secretary of state of the Ministry of Interior and Head of the national working group Sok Phal, who recently spoke at a meeting of the group.

Turning to local authorities, Kheng suggested that they proactively resume their responsibilities and start inspecting any places that are suspected of operating as gambling dens without waiting for their superiors to remind them of their duties.

“We have the safe village-commune policy, so do your jobs in accordance with the law,” he added.

Drugs Threaten People and Society

On the issue of drugs, Kheng noted that it is a crime dating back many years ago and while all crime cannot be stopped, coordinated actions should be taken by the authorities to avoid the country from turning into a drug-ravaged society.

Turning to law enforcement agencies, Kheng warned all officers not to associate themselves with these crimes, citing a recent tragic case in Thailand in which a former police officer fired from the force for abusing with drugs and trafficking drugs, shot to death 34 children, including his own, his wife and himself.

On the issue of prevention, Kheng stated that local authorities and parents should work hand-in-hand to ensure that drugs are not spreading in society by protecting first and foremost schools.

“Especially in rural areas, please help prevent drugs from attacking our villages and communes and schools, particularly schools with children aged 13 and older,” he said, asking parents who are living with their children to “help monitor them,” adamant that if they work together with the authorities, children will be better protected.

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