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CalvinAyre Dot Com Closes as Ayre Moves onto Cryptocurrency

After 12 years in business, Calvin Ayre’s namesake news service, CalvinAyre dot com, has closed doors.

Bidding Farewell to industry-defining News Service 

CalvinAyre dot com, the iGaming, and gambling website named after and owned by one of the most successful industry gurus, Calvin Ayre, closed doors last week. Launched in 2009, the news service reflected Ayre’s own dedication to quality journalism and good reporting, and over the years, it became a source of staying informed with industry developments as well as reading a few stories of a more gossipy twist.

The team reunited some very talented individuals and, not least of all, Becky Liggero Fontana, Ayre’s journalistic edge who toured the big industry events and pulled a slew of in-depth interviews. Sharing his official take, Ayre said that his project was launched in a bid to address the lack of professional reporting services in the industry, a problem that has been clearly addressed ever since.

Now, Ayre has decided to venture into cryptocurrency more seriously, closing the chapter on gambling, or at least the namesake news website, once and for all. Detailing his own journey with the website, Ayre explained his involvement in the project and what he was expecting to achieve:

“I used to do an annual predictions piece for the site, and as far back as 2011, I was predicting a sea change in online payments through the rise of Bitcoin. It’s taken longer than I originally projected, in part because Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for Bitcoin got hijacked by individuals too wedded to the status quo and their own self-interest.”

Calvin Ayre

Calvin Ayre’s Involvement in Bitcoin Is Well-Documented 

Ayre is no stranger to Bitcoin either, and he invested $30 million to back a business run by Dr Craig Wright, the man who claims he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin – a claim that the community has disputed at large.

Nevertheless, Ayre’s involvement in Bitcoin is well-documented and his intentions clear. He bought, a crypto news website, back in August 2017 and started rooting for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). He then endorsed another iteration of blockchain, Bitcoin SV (BCV), which he has supported ever since. Commenting on the BSV, Ayre had this to say in his final word on CalvinAyre dot com:

“BSV isn’t just a frictionless payments solution; its unparalleled scaling capacity offers heretofore unthinkable possibilities for data management. BSV also heralds the arrival of the Metanet, Dr Wright’s concept for a protocol that merges data and content for tracking, monetization, and ownership in a peer-to-peer system.”’s full archive will remain accessible to the public, with all key writers now moving on to new pastures.


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