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California: Second Closure for Havasu Landing Casino

The Havasu Landing Resort & Casino in California announced in a press release notice on its website that the casino of the resort will face a second closure, effective Friday, July 10, due to the ongoing virus-related health situation. The gaming facility that has been directly affected by the virus infection will remain shut down for another 14 days, at least.

Casino Closed, Resort Operational

The closure will only affect the gaming facility inside the resort that is owned and operated by the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe, with the hotel, beaches and other tribal operations remaining unaffected. The ferry that provides the service between the reservation and the Havasu Lake will also continue to function, outlined tribal chairman Charles Wood.

“I am announcing the immediate re-closure of the Havasu Landing Casino for at least the next 14 days. We again will super clean our facilities during this time to guarantee a safe and enjoyable environment when we re-re-open.”

Press release, Havasu Landing Resort & Casino

In March, the tribe closed its entire resort operations to help support the state and federal efforts to curb the spread of the virus infection, despite not being obliged to comply with the order from the state governor. The Havasu Landing resort re-opened in June, implementing distancing measures and sanitizing protocols to comply with the requirements from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention and ensure public health and welfare.

CDC Compliance, No Guarantee

The tribal resort used the time during the first closure to clean facilities, train team members and make the necessary re-arrangements to enable compliance with social distancing guidelines. Despite being vigilant to protect guests and employees, the tribal gaming property could not prevent the virus from directly affecting its operations and reach the Chemehuevi Indian Reservation.

“Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, COVID-19 has reached the Chemehuevi Indian Reservation. We are called upon again to make that decision to err on the side of the health and safety of our communities. In this case, it has also affected two departments that are mandatory to the operation of any casino. Without these two departments we cannot legally open and operate a gaming facility.”

Press release, Havasu Landing Resort & Casino

The Chemehuevi Indian Tribe casino setback is coming while California is in Phase 3 of its businesses reopening plan, a phase that allows casinos and other non-essential businesses to operate, albeit with risk mitigation measures implemented and reduced capacity. California has 109 Indian tribes out of which 62 operate the 69 tribal casinos and neither of them needed permission from St.Gov. Gavin Newsom to resume operations, and some re-opened as early as May 15.

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