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California: Police Seizes Illegal Gambling Machines, Tobacco Products

Eight people were arrested during recent raids that took place at six businesses in Modesto

A recent operation against illegal cannabis, tobacco products and gambling machines was conducted in Modesto, California. The multi-agency effort resulted in the arrest of several individuals after six businesses, including smoke shops, underwent searches last week. Prior to the searches, the Modesto Police Department sent notices on two separate occasions to a number of local businesses. The cease-and-desist orders effectively requested the businesses to discontinue the offering of any illegal products.

During the latest operation, the Modesto Police Department was joined by the Area Command, Investigative Services Division and the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. The operation uncovered ten illegal gambling machines. Subsequently, the machines were confiscated while $10,000 in illegal gambling proceeds were also seized.

The Modesto Police Department extends a huge thank you to our personnel from patrol, Area Command, Investigative Services Division, and to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration for their dedication and hard work in ensuring the success of this operation,

reads a statement released by the Modesto Police Department

Law enforcement uncovered one illegal firearm. Additionally, the raids saw the confiscation of illegal tobacco and marijuana products, including products with different flavors and other drug paraphernalia such as psilocybin mushrooms and cannabis-based products. The confiscated products’ value was in the thousands of dollars, law enforcement confirmed.

As a result of the raids, eight people were arrested. Currently, it remains unclear what is the involvement of each of the arrested individuals. Law Enforcement is also yet to confirm what charges the detainees may be facing.

Crackdown against Criminal Activities Continues

The latest operation follows complaints from businesses as well as concerned residents about the sale of tobacco-flavored and cannabis-infused products. The Modesto Police Department did not confirm whether it has conducted a prior investigation of the six locations that received cease and desist orders and were subsequently raided.

This crackdown serves as a reminder of the dangers and criminal activities associated with the illegal sale of such products,

adds the Modesto Police Department

Law enforcement said that it will continue its crackdown against the distribution of illegal products and combat activities such as illegal gambling. According to the Modesto Police Department, the sale of illegal tobacco and cannabis products puts the health and safety of the public at risk while at the same time affecting negatively the lives of residents.


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