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Caesars to Expand Caesars Rewards Program with NY Merchants

Ahead of securing a gaming license for Times Square, New York, Caesars confirmed it plans to expand its Caesars Rewards program by teaming up with local merchants in the city

Currently, Caesars Rewards is recognized as the largest loyalty program within the gambling industry. The program has more than 60 million members, putting Caesars at the helm of customer loyalty within the vertical offering unique experiences and benefits for its customers.

Ultimately, Caesars Rewards establishes a network of gaming, hospitality, entertainment, shopping, dining and other destinations. Overall, there are more than 50 destinations connected by the mobile product that enables members to redeem, earn and benefit from unique experiences.

At the moment, Caesars is in the process of obtaining a gaming license for a location at Times Square in a joint collaboration with SL Green and Roc Nation. The new location is expected to be at 1515 Broadway and now, Caesars confirmed its plans to team up with local merchants in New York in an effort to expand its loyalty program.

This marks a broader commitment by the trio to help support local businesses in light of the planned gaming and entertainment destination at Times Square. At the same time, teaming up with local merchants expands the reach of Caesars’ loyalty program and is expected to deliver new benefits for its loyal client base.

Building an Entertainment Destination That Fits New York

Marc Holliday, SL Green’s CEO, explained that the company plans to help develop a unique entertainment and gaming destination that fits the vibe of New York. He outlined that although visitors of the new venue can wager on site, they are also going to visit hotels, shops, local restaurants and other locations around the city. This, according to Holliday, delivers a unique opportunity for the expansion of Caesars’ loyalty program in New York. Finally, he explained that the collaboration reaffirms the commitment to the economic future of the city and formalizes the relationships with local businesses.

Caesars Rewards is the largest and most successful gaming loyalty program in the world, and it is a natural fit to bring it to a city like New York.

Tom Reeg, CEO at Caesars Entertainment

Tom Reeg, Caesars’ CEO, added that Caesars Rewards is globally recognized as the leading loyalty program in the world. Moreover, he predicted that the program will be well-received in New York. Reeg pointed out that investing in local businesses helps everyone involved in the process. Finally, he said that the expansion of Caesars Rewards will boost the city’s economy and provide vital support for local businesses.


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