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Caesars Makes Shocking Move, Fires Nick Bogdanovich

Nick Bogdanovich isn’t just another name in the sports betting industry, he’s probably the most well-known figure in the space. Not a day goes by that he hasn’t been quoted or referenced by some sports-related media outlet around the world and, for the past nine years, has been the sportsbook director at William Hill. That all came to an abrupt and surprising end yesterday.

Caesars Unceremoniously Dumps its Ace

Caesars Entertainment, according to several Twitter rumors later confirmed by Bogdanovich, has decided that its Caesars Sports sports betting arm no longer requires his services. Only four months after the gaming operator acquired William Hill, it dropped the long-time industry fixture. Bogdanovich confirmed his departure, simply explaining that Caesars “wanted to go in a different direction.” Just like that, and with apparently no formal send-off, the operator gives up its Ace.

It’s unlikely that Bogdanovich will sit around doing nothing for long, unless he decides to take a break. His experience, knowledge and global contacts in the sports betting industry would make him a great asset to any organization, as long as they are willing to give him the place he deserves. With the sports betting wars heating up in the US, several books are likely already crunching numbers to see how they might be able to extend him an offer and draw his attention.

Bogdanovich One of the Originals

Bogdanovich is one of the originals, a Las Vegas native who graduated from the city’s Western High School. The school is only about eight miles from the Las Vegas Strip, meaning Bogdanovich has always had Vegas in his blood. He moved to Idaho to play basketball and earn his Business Administration degree at Lewis-Clark State College, but returned to his old stomping grounds later. One of his earliest starts in sports betting was as a ticket writer with the Sands sportsbook, a position he accepted in 1986, and he subsequently would be found running books at the Golden Nugget, the Mandalay Bay and the Stratosphere.

Bogdanovich also spent nine years as the sportsbook director at Binion’s Horseshoe. Later, as the director of bookmaking at Club Cal-Neva sportsbooks, he was added to William Hill’s roster when it was purchased by the larger book in 2011. That was part of a $55-million deal that also included American Wagering and Brandywine Bookmaking, which gave William Hill a strong foundation in Nevada. A year later, he became the company’s sportsbook director and, at 59, is still running strong. However, it’s now time for oddsmakers to start posting lines on what lies ahead for the industry wizard.


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