June 1, 2022 3 min read


Caesars Launches All-In On Education to Empower Workers

Environment, social and corporate responsibility is quickly becoming the name of the game in the land-based gambling sector in the United States. The latest company to inspire its employees and boost their morale and loyalty is Caesars, which wants you to get enrolled and realize your academic pursuits without this necessarily being the grueling juggling of work and studies.

Caesars to Help You Tackle Your Student’s Debt

This is why the company has revealed a new education assistance program that will cover close to 50,000 workers currently employed by the company. This includes an expanded annual student loan repayment of up to $5,250. This is for each year a student is enrolled and passing their exams.

All-In On Education seeks to empower workers’ options and motivate them to pursue their studies. The program features all sorts of options, including student loan debt repayment, tuition assistance, and even scholarships, and not least – a 529 college savings plan, Caesars said in a statement.

Say what you will, casinos have been going up and above their original commitments to employees to make them feel at home. The pandemic of 2020 made it painfully clear that unless workers are motivated to work for you – no matter how big you are – they will simply walk away.

The dearth of workers has made companies realize that they ought to invest more in their workers. Caesars is certainly going to benefit from this education assistance program as so far 46 million people in America have some sort of tuition debt that together totals $1.75 trillion.

Time to Invest in Your Workers

Calls for writing off the debt and giving students a fresh start have been heard from all over the place, and some actually do it. While Caesars cannot singlehandedly take on the issue, it can help tackle it one employee at a time. Bringing more people into education and providing them with the backing to successfully pursue their studies is also good for Nevada and Las Vegas.

Better educated workers and employees would translate into a better economy. Equipping workers with more skills and knowledge will make them more flexible during the economic downturn and the added value they create would allow companies to keep them on longer instead of putting them on furlough or laying them off.

Investing in one’s workers has become a genuine mantra that big companies sport – whether they pay for a gym membership or education. Recently, Resorts World wrapped up a landmark union agreement with its workers, conferring on them various benefits, such as better health care, higher wages, and working conditions.


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