Caesars’ 2019-2020 CSR Report “People Planet Play”

Casino giant operator Caesars Entertainment Inc. released its 2019-2020 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, revealing it spent $67 million in the communities it operates casinos. The report focuses on the company achievements prior to the $17.3 billion merger deal with Eldorado Resorts and outlines how the newly formed company intends to remain committed to CSR moving forward.

Communities, People and Environment

The 2019-2020 CSR Report titled “People Planet Play” defines the framework of the strategy behind Caesars’ social responsibility, as well as the ways in which the casino company is making positive contributions to the environment, communities and the people with which it interacts.

Caesars made in 2019 contributions to the communities to the amount of $67 million, including 370,000 of volunteer hours in local communities by company’s team members. For every dollar of revenue, Caesars contributed nearly 4 times more than the US corporation average, $0.46.

2019 marked a significant year in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for the casino operator which achieved record gender and racial representation at almost all levels, leadership, management and staff. Caesars’ properties employed 45% women and 35% ethnic minorities for managerial roles, held its first corporate DEI Summit, and engaged with certified diverse vendors in operations and capital expenditure.

In terms of its staff, Caesars provided 1.51 million hours of training and development for its team members during 2019, an average of more than 27 hours per employee, with nearly 50,000 members of staff receiving training in responsible gaming. The company marked in 2019 30 years since its efforts to create the first comprehensive responsible gaming program in the industry.

Extensive Innovation and Expansion in the Digital Field

Throughout the year, Caesars’ focus on the enhancement of its product and service offerings through extensive renovations and digital expansion at Harveys Lake Tahoe and Harrah’s Las Vegas casino properties, as well as Caesars Forum Conference Center, created positive experiences for its guests.

Caesars achieved 19.7% reduction in emissions compared to the levels in 2011. The casino and hospitality operator used 2% less energy, 3% less water and generated 13% less total waste, on a normalized basis per 1,000 square feet, compared to the previous year, and also managed to divert 43% of all waste from landfill, while its charging stations for electric vehicles topped 40,000 charging sessions.

In 2020, Caesars Entertainment created a new CSR Committee of the Board of Directors, immediately upon completion of its merger deal with Eldorado Resorts, to make sure current CSR strategy and progress is sustained for the combined entity moving forward and Caesars’ legacy for the past 20 years is preserved.

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