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Buzz Bingo and Armalytix Enhance Consumer Protection to Driving Business

Companies in the United Kingdom and beyond have been strengthening their ability to protect consumers and promote a culture of responsible and sustainable gambling

Buzz Bingo has now revealed the results of its team-up with data intelligence fintech Armalytix to ensure that it meets industry-leading criteria and goes well beyond when it comes to the successful deployment of technology in shielding consumers against gambling harm.

Buzz Bingo Committed to Player Safety

Buzz Bingo has a seminal status in the UK iGaming industry and as such, turning to Armalytix to further strengthen its presence in the market, and as a champion of responsible gambling, is particularly important.

This partnership is an opportunity for Buzz Bingo to proactively position its business in a way that allows it to navigate constantly changing regulations that expect more from companies when it comes to consumer protection.

Additionally, Buzz Bingo is able to leverage Armalytix’s solutions to also address player financial risk – that is flagging behavior and spending habits that may suggest that a customer is experiencing harm and needs to be contacted by the licensee.

Cases in which companies have failed to respond and protect consumers have already cost other companies millions of pounds. The partnership is a continuation of an existing cooperation between the two companies. Essentially, Buzz Bingo and Armalytix have been working together to spot evidence of harm and vulnerability and ensure that such issues are addressed without adding friction to the customer journey.

In fact, Buzz Bingo already reports two-and-a-half times increase in customer completion rates when it comes to financial risk checks.

Armalytix Ensures that Regulatory Checks Are Flawless

This means that customers are more willing to undergo mandatory checks to continue playing, which is good for everyone involved. It helps protect Buzz Bingo’s business as it helps safeguard consumers from overspending. Buzz Group chief compliance officer Simon Reynolds has welcomed this partnership and said:

Working with Armalytix has resolved the issue of a complex and laborious process of customers locating and sending in personal and financial documents, which we’re delighted to see has led to an increase in uptake and quicker completion rates. The unique insights and summarized information that we get from Armalytix have proved hugely valuable and enable us to keep our customers safer by making decisions on affordability faster and more accurately.

Buzz Group chief compliance officer Simon Reynolds

Armalytix has been pivotal in simplifying the customer journey and ensuring that Buzz Bingo onboard its players quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly. Armalytix CEO Richard McCall was similarly pleased with the achievement so far. Armalytix helps strengthen the regulatory checks process at Buzz Bingo which benefits the business and streamlines the entire process to lead to quicker onboarding.


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