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Businessman Loses Over $5 Million at a UK Casino, Decides to File a Lawsuit

Malaysian businessman has sued Aspinalls casino (Mayfair) after he gambled over $5.1 million (£3.9 million) in a 72-hour card game. According to the player, it was the casino’s duty to notice his losing streak and prevent him from losing more money.

The Player is Business Tycoon and Private Member of the Casino

Han Joeh Lim is a Malaysian tycoon, who is reportedly worth over $53 million and has various business properties in computer chip production, property, and steel, claims that the casino has breached the 2005 Gambling Act, whose changes are set to be made this year, by allowing him to go on a gambling binge.

Joeh Lim was allowed to cash checks of up to $800,000 and after he lost the money, Aspinalls increased his credit to over $2.5 million, which he lost. Then, the casino gave him the green light on another $2.6 million and he gambled that money away again.

The Malaysian businessman now claims that he should get his money back as that is his right, according to the 2005 Gambling Act. In the petition, it says that Aspinalls took advantage of Joeh Lim’s attempts to bring back his losses by allowing him to play even more, rather than forcing him to stop. These events took place in 2015 while playing double chance baccarat.

This is Not The First Time That Aspinalls and Joeh Lim Are In Court

What’s interesting about the situation is the fact that the casino and the Malaysian businessman have already been in court over gambling money. Four years after Joeh Lim played a total of 72 hours with small breaks, Aspinalls actually sued him for the money that he lost but didn’t pay.  Mr Justice Murray even ruled that Joeh Lim was dishonest during the hearing as he was providing false information, which is why it fined him another $134,000 (£100,000).

Meanwhile, the UK’s 2005 Gambling Act is currently in the early stages of a review. After authorities were criticized for delaying the process, it is likely that the review will take place this year. The content of the changes is still not revealed, but some of the topics that have been brought up are limits on losses, stakes and deposits, as well as completion of affordability checks.

Betting materials could also be restricted, which is why many sports bettors have issued concerns on how effective these changes would be. Neil Channing, a professional bettor, even stated that these changes could be devastating, especially to the horse racing industry in the UK.

Lobbyists are also keen on implementing measures that would suit them well, which is why they decided to flood politicians with various gifts as a way to win over their trust.  

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