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Brazilian Soccer Clubs Speak Out Against Betting Advertising Ban

33 signatories expressed their concerns about the measure

Brazil’s proposed ban on sports betting advertising doesn’t sit well with professional soccer clubs. Teams expressed their opposition to the measure by sending a letter to the Senate, hoping to convince it not to include the ban in the final version of Brazil’s sports betting bill.

Under the ban, which is envisioned as a part of Brazil’s sports wagering legislation, operators will be unable to advertise across stadiums or sign sponsorship deals with teams. However, clubs argue that the ban would deprive them of a major revenue stream and may have an overall negative impact on the sector.

The soccer clubs’ letter was sent on November 10 and signed by a total of 33 teams. The letter outlines the organizations’ concerns about the measure. The signatories include many big local clubs.

Gambling sponsorships provide major sporting organizations with important funding that helps them maintain and expand their operations.

Brazil Sports Betting Continues to Get Delayed

Brazil’s proposed ban is a part of the country’s sports betting bill. The ban was added as a proposed amendment and has been actively promoted by Senator Eduardo Girão who argues that advertising exposes people to harm. Other proponents of the ban also say that the measure will help Brazil tackle problem gambling and mitigate gambling-related crime.

The Senate is now responsible for deciding whether the ban proposal should be sent to the Chamber of Deputies. The discussions may very well lead to further delays to Brazil’s already long overdue sports betting legislation.

While the country is already on the path to legalizing wagering on sports, regulatory matters continue to stall the launch of a regulated market. While there were hints that progress is being made, the latest developments imply that it would be at least a few more months before Brazilians can wager legally.

Speaking of advertisements, in late October, Brazil published a comprehensive set of requirements for operators, which include the regulation of advertising near schools and universities. Operators are also prohibited from implying that gambling can lead to personal success or improved financial conditions. In addition, companies must promote responsible play.

In the meantime, gambling taxes remain another contentious subject. Earlier this year, the IBJR spoke out against the latest sports betting tax proposals.


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