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Brazil Proposes to Ban Celebrities from Participating in Betting Ads

The proposal echoes efforts by lawmakers in other countries across the globe which have already banned the promotion of gambling activities by celebrities

Ahead of the expected launch of legal sports betting in Brazil this year, the country continues to develop regulations for the sector. One major part of the legal framework involves advertising and it follows a pattern adopted by many countries across the globe. A proposal for the regulation of sports betting advertising gained traction late last year. The proposal, Bill 3,626 / 2023, supported by Sen. Eduardo Girao, seeks to reduce the potential negative impact of sports betting by restricting advertising by celebrities.

Across the globe, celebrities advertise different brands, leveraging their influence and fan bases. Yet, across Europe for example, there are strict policies in a number of countries that prohibit the use of celebrities for gambling advertisements, including ads for sports betting. This is precisely what Brazil seeks to implement with Bill 3,626 / 2023.

Per the proposal, famous individuals would be prohibited from participating in marketing materials related to gambling. Ultimately, the bill seeks to reduce the potential negative impact of gambling activities. Moreover, the proposal anticipates reducing problem gambling and risks associated with excessive gambling by banning commentators, athletes and other celebrity individuals from promoting gambling activities.

The proposal represents another important piece of the legislation, required for the effective regulation of sports betting in Brazil. The country is going through an extensive process in legalizing the activity but early estimates suggest that it may launch its legal market at some point this year.

Approximately 130 organizations are expected to show interest in the sports betting sector in Brazil. The country is expected to become a major betting market for Latin America which is why lawmakers are after developing robust regulations that create a competitive sector that is also safe for the consumers.

The Proposal Follows the Efforts of Other Markets across the Globe

The bill that calls to prohibit betting advertising by celebrities follows in the footsteps of other markets. For example, the UK has previously banned social media influencers and famous athletes from participating in gambling advertisements.

The change dates back to 2022 when the country implemented new restrictions applicable to gambling ads. Under the new rules, gambling operators were prohibited from targeting underage individuals and also restricted from using celebrities with a “strong appeal” to young people for gambling advertisements.

Similarly, last summer, Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, also announced regulations that proposed restricting celebrities and athletes from participating in gambling advertisements. The aforementioned change is expected to come into force later this month.


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