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Brazil Embroiled in New Soccer Match-Fixing Scandal

Players from two high-profile teams allegedly manipulated match results, while a yet-unreleased audio file reveals a case of referee bribery

Brazilian Senator Jorge Kajuru (PSD-GO) has announced the implementation of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on Manipulation of Results in Brazilian football later this month in the Senate. This decision comes in response to recent controversial statements by John Textor, owner of SAF do Botafogo, accusing athletes from São Paulo and Fortaleza of manipulation.

Surprising Accusations Sparked Controversy

Kajuru emphasized that the CPI will investigate allegations of match-fixing in Brazilian football, with Textor being among the first to give testimony before the commission. He revealed that the initial approach will be friendly, with invitations extended to managers, players, referees, and alleged corruptors to provide explanations. However, coercive measures will be taken if necessary, including involving the Federal Police.

Textor, who claimed to possess a recording of a referee requesting a bribe, has been summoned by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) and faces a minimum suspension of 120 days if he fails to support his claims. However, he has refused to present the audio, revealing his intentions to hand it over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

I asked the Federal Police to summon… the owner of Botafogo do Rio within 24 hours and to demand that he bring the evidence and the recordings.

Senator Jorge Kajuru

Kajuru expressed hopes that Textor would present the audio to the CPI before submitting it to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, highlighting its potential value to the investigation. The Senator noted that Textor should receive praise for his actions should his accusations prove true but threatened him with legal action if he could not back his claims.

The CPI Should Act Swiftly and Decisively

Textor’s recent statements alleging match-fixing in Brazilian football, particularly involving matches between Palmeiras, São Paulo, and Fortaleza, have sparked controversy. Palmeiras has requested punishment for Textor in the sports court, while São Paulo and Fortaleza have refuted the accusations and are considering legal measures against him.

This newest scandal threatens to delay Brazi’s upcoming gambling regulation overhaul. While the country plans to introduce regulated sports betting, the industry relies on transparency and integrity, ensuring fans can wager on their favorite teams without fear of manipulation. This matter also concerns international operators, as Brazilian football remains popular worldwide.

The CPI aims to uncover the truth behind these allegations and ensure the integrity of the sport. As Kajuru assumes the role of president of the CPI, and with Senator Romário’s staunch support, the commission is ready to investigate this matter of national importance. Regardless of its findings, this ongoing scandal will likely have lasting consequences for Brazilian football.

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