Boston Celtics Take on Indiana Pacers on Friday, March 29

With the playoffs just around the corner, the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers will want to show their best game. The last few games for both teams didn’t turn as expected. Who will triumph in the game tomorrow? We’re here to find out.

The Boston Celtics Are Back after Defeating the Cavaliers

It’s been a rather trailing few weeks for the Boston Celtics. After sliding into four losses one after the other, the team finally managed to overcome the Cavaliers prying away a well-deserved victory, even in the absence of star point guard Kyrie Irving.

In their latest game, the Celtics came back from a tough game, clinching a convincing victory and now preparing for their game against the Indiana Pacers on March 29.

Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart did well for their team, scoring 21 points each. This success now places fifth in the Eastern Conference with seven games to play in the regular season.

Kevin Love did show us a fantastic game, scoring 27 points – an impressive number for an individual player. Speaking to ESPN later, Love explained that he lacked some support in the first half, but rotations later on helped.

The stakes were high for the Celtics. Without Irving in the field, coach Brad Stevens knew that he had to turn the downbeat streak for his team. He immediately moved AI Horford and Aron Baynes to the fore, helping the Celtics find a winning pace that finally paid off.

Stevenson feels confident for the upcoming game against the Indiana Pacers. The coach is even counting on one of his less experienced players, Isaiah Thomas, whom he praised recently for his ability to play unselfishly and make a great read of any situation.

Indiana Pacers – Keeping up with Celtics

The Indiana Pacers have known a few down turns recently, but they are hardly a team that will go out without a fight. Fourth in the Easter Conference, the Pacers have an array of great players who top any challenge and outshine any competitors.

Bojan Bogdanovic drubbed the Nuggets on March 25 scoring 35 points against them, putting an end to what he himself called “bad performance”. Pacers coach Nate McMillan has noted that the Pacer really needed that confidence boost following a few upsets.

Though in the playoffs by and large, McMillan believes that his team should pursue even better plays on the field. The game against the Celtics will be a determining one.

Bogdanovic can be a it of a glass canon, too, capable of completely dismantling an opponent or struggling to succeed at all. Of course, Bogdanovic is surrounded by talent all over, including Nikola Jokic, Will Barton, and Monte Morris.

Celtics and Pacers: Who Will Win?

Pacers lead on the Celtics with one position in the Eastern Conference standing. However, we believe that the Celtics are better-poised to play together as a team right now. The Pacers rely a lot on Bogdanovic and while he will certainly play confidently, the Celtics will know exactly what to expect and very possibly lock him down successfully.

If we were pressed to take sides, we’d bet our money on the Cletics.

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