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Bolton Wanderers Endorsed the Against the Odds Charter

A brand-new campaign calling for an end to gambling sponsorships and advertising in sports has been endorsed by Bolton Wanderers FC and Bolton Wanderers in the Community.

End Sports Sponsorship and Advertising

Against the Odds campaign seeks to enlighten the public on how prevalent gambling marketing in sports is and begin a movement in Greater Manchester that will lead to the phasing out of gambling sponsorship and advertising and enhance protection for vulnerable groups of the population.

Commenting on the decision by Bolton Wanderers FC to pledge its support to the campaign, the club’s chairman Sharon Brittan noted the devastating effects of gambling addiction, impacting individuals, their families and communities.

“Last year, we made the decision to close the on-site betting facilities at the University of Bolton Stadium and committed to not enter into any new commercial partnerships or sponsorships with firms representing the gambling industry,” Brittan continued, proud of the role the club plays within its community and its determination to “continue to be a driving force in supporting the health and well-being” of everyone in town.

Gambling logos on shirts, training apparel, perimeter advertising, behind dugouts, and on press backdrops can appear more than 700 times during a single match of soccer, research shows, raising alarms at the frequency with which sports audiences are being bombarded with gambling ads.

Asking Support of All Greater Manchester Clubs

In Greater Manchester, 1 in 200 people suffer from severe gambling harm effects while another 3.8% of the population can be considered at low to moderate risk of gambling harms, and when adding harms experienced by children, friends, family, and communities, the population suffering from gambling harm is enough to fill Old Trafford stadium two-and-a-half times over.

Michael Viggars, project manager at Healthy Stadia and Campaign Lead for Against the Odds, congratulated Bolton Wanderers FC and Bolton Wanderers in the Community “for embracing the Against the Odds campaign and pioneering a future for sports that is free from gambling sponsorship and advertising.”

“The gambling industry often talks about “gambling responsibly” but with every square inch of sports stadia being sold to advertise dozens of different sports betting brands it’s no wonder that we’re seeing more and more people suffering from gambling-related harms,” he continued, convinced that the campaign could start a movement that will bring the end of gambling sponsorships in sports and “prevent thousands of fans and their families from experiencing harm,” asking for the support of big and small clubs in Greater Manchester.

The support the campaign received from Bolton Wanderers, the first soccer club in the UK to publicly cut ties with the gambling industry, is expected to act as a catalyst among sports organizations in Greater Manchester, reminding them of their duties towards fans.

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