BMM Testlabs Receives License for Massachusetts Accreditations

BMM Testlabs, an esteemed testing agency in the sports wagering sector, has received a license and a permit to conduct tests and issue certifications in Massachusetts, yet another state and jurisdiction for the company in the United States. The latest licensing reinforces BMM Testlabs’ reputation and its ability to deliver accredited permits to businesses that meet industry standards.

BMM Testlabs Now Can Certify Sports Wagering Equipment in Massachusetts

As a result, BMM Testlabs will be able to certify sports wagering equipment moving forward in the Bay State. Commenting on this opportunity, BMM CTO Travis Foley said that the company was very pleased to have been approved to offer its services to the relevant and qualifying parties in the Massachusetts market and help those who needed guidance.

Foley said that BMM Testlabs was looking forward to making its expertise known in the market and shared with businesses who want to ensure that their equipment is up to the necessary standard. He added:

We value our ongoing partnership with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and would like to thank their staff for their continued cooperation and diligence during this process.

BMM CTO Travis Foley

BMM Testlabs is now open to any company that wants to have its sports wagering equipment in Massachusetts reviewed and certified in accordance with the highest industry standards. BMM Testlabs has enjoyed considerable success in the United States as one of the countries where the company has expended considerable efforts to become the go-to option for land-based operators looking to raise their equipment standards.

Previously, BMM Testlabs obtained permission to conduct the same accreditations in Nebraska and Ohio and it recently unveiled the BMM Innovation Group, which focuses on virtual education services, information, technology,  and cybersecurity.

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