Bloomberg Says FanDuel Sued for Inaccurate Data Representation

FanDuel is facing a lawsuit by Andrew Melnick, a sports bettor who filed a class-action against the sportsbook, alleging the company had misrepresented live data information, causing consumers to bet on losing selections.

FanDuel Faces Class-Action Lawsuit over Data Accuracy

On Tuesday, FanDuel stood trial in a US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois by one Andrew Melnick, a disgruntled player, who alleged that the company’s betting app had intentionally led to gambling losses, Bloomberg reported.

The baffling allegations go against a well-established legal framework in multiple jurisdictions where the company operates as one of the leading sportsbooks in the United States. 

According to the lawsuit, FanDuel is constantly “understating” the time remaining in live sports events to make consumers “more likely to lose,” the complaint specifies. The lawsuit takes issue with the “purported provision of real-time, live sports game data,” the lawsuit continues. 

Based on the class-action lawsuit, FanDuel is accused of unfair and deceptive practices that go against the grain of consumer protection practices in numerous states. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff seeks damages and wants to force FanDuel to suspend its app until such a time it “accurately reflects the time.”

Live Feeds That Miscalculate Risk and Reward 

In his complaint, Melnick explained that his own betting experience had suffered, citing NCAA men’s basketball “under” bets. Melnick alleged that without FanDuel properly reflecting the time that is left before a game is over, it was difficult to assess the risk and reward associated with any given wager.

According to him, FanDuel had “understated” the time remaining in each game. In “some instances,” the score presented at FanDuel was inaccurate, Melnick further claimed. Because of FanDuel’s data (mis)representation, Melnick had been misled to place losing bets, the complaints stated. 

The story is developing. 

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  • Raymond
    June 9, 2021 at 2:49 am

    How can I join that lawsuit. The same thing has happened to me on several occasions.

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