June 14, 2021 2 min read


BLAST Premier Flies the Coop with NFT CS:GO Launch

Bondly will help BLAST Premier get in on the NFT action with a dedicated Counter-Strike chicken token.

NFTs Come to BLAST Series with Chicken Tokens 

BLAST Premier is expanding even further by bringing its unique signage and branding into the crypto space. Through a new partnership forged with Bondly, a leading provider of non-fungible token solutions, BLAST Premier is bringing esports fans with plenty of disposable income even more worthwhile gamification options to try on their own. 

The NFTs are designed as chickens, which are some of the critters that you will find in Counter-Strike maps and that have become, through no fault of theirs, synonymous to the game. The first NFT chicken series will release on TuesdayJune 15. With the NFT craze having subsided a little, the chicken NFTs will be going for $18 a digital fowl. 

If you sign ahead of schedule through today at blastchickencoop.digital, you will be eligible for a founder’s edition NFT in a digital wallet. The Counter-Strike mascot will be available in two main denominations ascribed to Team Red and Team Blue, with three chicken characters each and each sporting unique character traits.

BLAST to Rule the NFT Roost with Bondly 

All chickens will be upgradable, or you can even blend different chickens into one, giving you brand-new digital assets to play around with and experiment. Users will be able to pick a favorite chicken character or collect an entire team as well as go looking for the rarest chicks out there. 

To make things work, Bondly relies on a Proof of Stake concept, which is considered more accessible and environmentally friendly. In fact, every NFT chicken created will have a positive carbon footprint. 

Commenting on this partnership, Bondly, CEO of Sports Jack Flaherty, said that Blast’s chicken-themed NFTs are designed to appeal to fans and extend their feeling of belonging beyond tournaments. 

By buying, collecting, and trading various NFTs, fans can get more involved. “Combining our design studio and proprietary technologies, we have created the first-ever NFT swap-based gamification experience for esports fans,” Flaherty added.


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