June 21, 2023 3 min read


Blackhawk Network Introduces Its Sports Betting Gift Cards to Three New States

Wagering fans in Maryland, Kansas, and Wyoming will gain access to the payment provider’s Game On solution, providing them with a safer alternative to fund their hobby

With the growing popularity of sports betting across the country, Blackhawk Network’s entry into these new markets will popularize the company’s leading solutions, benefiting operators and consumers. The company’s Game On product offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility and works with many leading operators, guaranteeing its increasing popularity across the USA.

Game on Cards Provide a Convenient Payment Alternative

BlackHawk Network launched its Game On gift card in December 2020, garnering positive attention from retailers and consumers. The prepaid payment solution allows bettors to top up their betting accounts conveniently and adds a layer of security to personal financial information. It also prevents users from overspending, introducing another step in the funding process and giving consumers time to rethink their decision.

As its name implies, the Game On card can also be used as a present, gifting a friend the chance to win big with their favorite operator. It operates much like other prepaid solutions, featuring a card number, CVV, and expiry date for online use. Game On cards are available online, at grocery stores, and across many leading US retailers like Giant Eagle, ACME, The Giant Company, and Stop and Shop.

The service has enjoyed rising popularity since its introduction as August 2022 saw launches in New York and Louisiana, proving its player protection measures were on par with the stringent regulations in these jurisdictions. Blackhawk Network continues to capitalize on the growing need for alternative payment methods, collaborating with industry stakeholders to make its solutions accessible to a broader audience.

The Solution Is Gaining Popularity across the Country

One of the primary considerations for Blackhawk Network’s expansion is ensuring compliance with state regulations in Maryland, Kansas, and Wyoming. Each state has its own set of rules and requirements for sports betting operations, and the payment provider has worked diligently to meet these standards. Such measures guarantee users can engage in legal sports betting activities within the framework of state laws.

Blackhawk Network managing director, Americas Steve Dekker, expressed his excitement regarding the Game On service’s rising popularity, lauding its flexibility and inherent player protection features. He hoped players in the three newly available jurisdictions would regard the cards as an exciting new funding option, contributing to the company’s popularity in the region.

We are thrilled to continue our expansion to Maryland and Kansas and provide our digital offerings to residents in Wyoming as well.

Steve Dekker, Blackhawk Network managing director, Americas

Expanding in three new states marks a significant milestone in Blackhawk Network’s US ambitions, contributing to the company’s global growth. The payment provider is active worldwide, providing gift cards and eGift products across over 400,000 consumer touchpoints. Blackhawk’s enduring success is a testament to its ability to build loyalty and acquisition and provide its partners with enduring value.

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