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Bingoal Teams up with Neccton to Protect Gamblers in Netherlands

As Belgium faces changes to the way gambling ads reach customers, family-owned gambling operator Bingoal is upping its personal commitment to making sure that players are safe. To this end, the company has teamed up with Neccton, an established software company that will now be used to bolster responsible gambling practices in the Netherlands, where Bingoal operates online casino and sportsbook products.

Bingoal Bolsters Player Protection in Netherlands

Neccton is touted as a best-in-class responsible gambling tool that will bolster overall safety and ensure that consumers stay safe and in control of their gambling habits. The tool will work with all of the supported verticals in the Dutch gaming market as regulators in the market are calling for stricter adherence to the licensing agreements.

The modules used by Neccton enable the operator as well as consumers to track how much they spend but also offer red flags about excessive gambling behavior. The company tracks everything in real-time which gives the operator and players the necessary objective overview if they have been overdoing their hobby.

Neccton predicates its red flag alert system on several conditions, including an increase in the depositing frequency. The tool urges operators to contact players directly and advise them on how to make better decisions regarding their gameplay. The company also uses a set of modules for AML, CRM, and Fraud. Commenting on Neccton’s success, head of development Dr Michael Auer said:

“We started our research in gambling 15 years ago and have published multiple academic studies in the area of player tracking and responsible gaming.”

Neccton head of development Dr Michael Auer said

Gamblers Can Play Responsibly with the Right Tools

According to Auer, gamblers are capable of making the right decisions when it comes to their gambling, especially when guided by a solution such as Neccton. Auer explained that since Neccton is a Dutch responsible gambling tool, Bingoal was more than inclined to work with a local market expert. Bingoal spokesperson confirmed the confidence the company placed in the solution:

“We are always looking for tools to improve our platform in order to better protect players from the potential risks of gambling addiction. Dr Michael Auer is an expert in the field of responsible gaming and that expertise is available on the mentor tool. For Bingoal it was a logical choice to choose mentor as a responsible gaming tool.”

Bingoal spokesperson

Neccton’s mentor tool will assist Bingoal to quickly home in on vulnerable gamblers and offer protection solutions. This way, the company will be able to cultivate a loyal consumer base that stays safe and focuses on the enjoyment of gambling rather than dealing with the downsides of excessive gambling.

Neccton already works with some of the biggest gambling companies, including PlayOJO, Casumo, STS, and others. The company is rapidly expanding in other regions with New Zealand and Canada also part of Neccton’s growing portfolio.


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