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Bill Proposing Cardroom Expansion Gains Traction in California

The proposal calls to expand the cardrooms across the state, allowing for gradual growth and restricting over-expansion

The Gambling Control Act of 1997 in California restricted the expansion of cardrooms in the state. After it was extended a few times, it finally expired at the start of this year. Under the Gambling Control Act of 1997, it wasn’t possible for new cardroom licenses to be issued. At the same time, such businesses were not allowed to expand their offering by adding new gaming tables.

Now, a new proposal seeking to gradually expand the gambling market in the state is gaining traction. Assembly Bill 341 (AB341), was introduced by Assemblymember James Roms and is co-authored by Assemblymembers Greg Wallis and Evan Low, as well as State Senators Rosilicie Bogh and Bill Dodd. The proposal’s authors also include Assemblymembers Mike Gipson, Devon Mathis and Eduardo Garcia.

AB341 proposes cardrooms in the state to gradually expand by adding new tables. The proposal already enjoys wide support from the California Cardroom Alliance, California Cities for Self-Reliance JPA, Communities for California Cardrooms, as well as the California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA). Additionally, AB341 is backed by cardrooms and tribes around the state.

The Bill Advances to the Senate

Last week marked a major milestone for the new proposal as it gained traction and passed the California State Assembly. In a 68-1 vote, AB341 successfully passed the state’s Assembly and will now go to the Senate.

The proposal calls for the expansion of cardrooms businesses in the state by allowing them to increase the number of gaming tables. If AB341 gets signed into law, it would allow cardrooms in California that hold a license and have 20 gaming tables or less, to increase the number of gaming tables. Such businesses, under the proposal, would be allowed to expand their offering by adding up to 10 gaming tables over a period of 20 years.

If the law comes into effect, cardrooms would be allowed to add two new gaming tables within the first year. Then, they would have the option to add up to two gaming tables every four years. This, according to the supporters of the proposal, would allow for the gradual expansion of the market, allowing businesses to grow while at the same time ensuring that the market won’t be overpopulated.


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