December 31, 2020 2 min read

Bids to Blow Up Trump Plaza Now Hit $175,000

Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino demolition bid now tops $175,000 with interest slowly growing despite the holiday season.

Bidding for Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino Demolition Continues

The interest in blowing up the now-defunct Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, an Atlantic City-based former and failed business venture of the outgoing 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, has reached new heights, with the city’s administration auctioning off the right to press the “goodbye” button on the property and implode it.

Interest in destroying what has long been an eyesore in the city has gained momentum, and a GoFundMe campaign announced earlier in December even began raising funds to allow Stormy Daniels, an adult actress President Trump allegedly had sexual liaisons with, to blow the edifice.  

Bids have more than doubled since Christmas Eve, when they were just $62,500, and keen participants have been able to bring this number up to $175,000 as of Wednesday, December 30. Now, this is hardly going to be the final number we see for the privilege of getting rid of the building.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr.‘s stroke of genius has proved quite successful in finding a useful way to raise funds for the city’s beleaguered economy and following the suspension of casino operations earlier this year and their return in a severely limited capacity since mid-2020.

Hillary or Daniels, Who Better?

Bidding will continue through January 19, giving President Trump’s nemeses or just people who like blowing things up to get a chance at successfully winning the auction. The original date of the demolition was set for January 29, but it has been deferred to February, citing safety concerns.

Another campaign has also put forward Hillary Clinton, a runner-up for the 2016 presidency, as the best candidate to press the button, but neither campaigns have seemed to garner the momentum the ideas suggest at first blush. In fact, there is only $100 put down on Hillary and $1,935 for Daniels. Neither has changed over the past 24 hours.  

Trump Plaza is one of the symbols of President Trump’s lack of business acumen, with the building shutting down as a business venue in 2014. The Trump Entertainment Resorts were purchased by Carl Icahn, an investor in 2016.

Most of the property has been left in disrepair and a storm earlier this year forced the building’s façade to begin flying off at random, prompting authorities to bid it a fiery farewell.

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