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BGC Happy with Snapchat’s Gambling Ads Opt-Out Option

Recently, Snapchat has introduced a new feature allowing users in the UK to opt-out of gambling ads. The feature caught the attention of the gambling watchdog in the country that welcomed the changes made by Snapchat. Supporting the change, the chief executive of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), Michael Dugher, urged more social media platforms to introduce gambling ads opt-out features.

Snapchat Introduces Gambling Ads Opt-Out Feature in the UK

Snapchat has introduced a special opt-out option from gambling advertising for its customers in the UK, and the BGC is thrilled with the new functionality. Before launching the option, Snap and the BGC had been working closely for a year, and the company hopes to grant users control over the advertisements they see.

Furthermore, the functionality complements the updated Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising released last year. Under the code, BGC must ensure that all social media advertisements are targeted at consumers age 25+ except for platforms or websites that can prove that they are targeting precisely young adults age 18+. With that update, Snapchat is, in fact, meeting the requirement for advertising under the updated Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising.

BGC Remains Committed to Safe Regulated Gambling Industry

In a statement, Ed Couchman, Snapchat’s UK general manager, deemed the update as “fantastic” and said that the company is grateful to be partners with the BGC. He acknowledged that the Council is doing vital work, which ensures that the industry continues to grow while protecting the consumers. Couchman added that the community being able to influence the types of ads they see on Snapchat has always been important for the company.

This is yet more evidence of our commitment to raising standards in the regulated industry.

Michael Dugher, chief executive, BGC

Dugher shared his excitement by saying that he welcomes Snapchat’s move. Furthermore, he urged all search and social media platforms to enable users to opt out of viewing gambling ads. Dugher acknowledged that, unlike the growing online black market that lacks any player protection, the regulated industry is committed to safer gambling. Furthermore, he said that Snap’s most recent update proves further that the BGC remains committed to “raising standards in the regulated industry.”

Only recently, Google revealed that it will no longer promote ads related to gambling, prescription drugs, politics, or elections within the “Masthead slot” of its platform YouTube. Announced last week, the giant has implemented the new rules instantly and described them within YouTube advertiser terms of service update.


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