BGC Appoints Alexander Reeves as Head of Public Affairs

As an important time for the gambling industry in the United Kingdom looms, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has appointed Alexander Reeves as the industry group’s new head of public affairs. This comes in anticipation of a new White Paper and the potential storm that will follow as opposing parties clash over the text.

New Communication Talent Joins the BGC

The BGC, an outspoken supporter of the UK gambling industry and the good it creates, has been urging the government to enact re-regulation that will be aligned with empiric evidence and not bias or fearmonger. Reeves will be part of these efforts to communicate information clearly to the public and the government.

Reeves will be in charge of communication efforts that seek to beget a more liberal approach toward the Gambling Act 2005 review. So far, the BGC has been pushing back against some of the proposed measures the upcoming review is supposed to touch upon.

The trade group spoke against affordability checks, a move that would drive many consumers offshore, it warned. Reeves will be instrumental in communicating all of these messages and more. He is experienced both in the public as well as the private sector. Reeves used to work as a parliamentary officer for the Industry and Parliament Trust.

He also worked at Sard Verbinnen & Co, a PR firm. He will now work with David Willets, BGC’s communications director, to ensure that the trade group continues to relay the messages it thinks are best for the long-term sustainability of the country’s gambling industry and consumers.

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