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Betway Rights Holder Teams up with Deutsch NY in the USA

The United States is an important market for Betway and its rights holder across the country, Digital Gaming Corporation. This is why DGC is pushing ahead with the appointment of Deutsch NY as the brand’s strategic partner who will be tasked with overseeing the expansion and operations in the country.

Deutsch NY to Help with Further Expansion in the US

As an advertising agency, DGC’s purview will focus exclusively on ensuring that the marketing side of things is running smoothly. Betway has launched in a number of markets so far, but it wishes to continue building up its momentum. This is possible through the successful marketing and delivery of products and content in targeted jurisdictions.

DGC has been available in the US market since 2021 and has been rapidly scaling up the brand’s reach and vertical availability. As a result, Betway is available in Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia, Iowa, and New Jersey. Deutsch NY is only going to add to this track record and help drive better results on the whole. DGC EVP of North American operations Bruce Watermeyer said:

We’re excited to be working with Deutsch NY as we continue to build the Betway brand in the US.

DGC EVP of North American operations Bruce Watermeyer

Watermeyer confirmed that the brand is live in seven states and added there are more coming down the pipeline. He also praised Deutsch NY’s creative capabilities, strategic thinking, and overall track record in the US market. Betway and DGC are comfortable that the marketing agency can deliver on the companies’ pre-set goals and continue boosting the brand’s presence in the US sports betting market.

Betway Set to Grow in both Sports Betting and Casinos

With Betway making a determined entry into both the sports betting and online casino space, DGC needs to make sure that it works with the right partners who can represent it in both verticals. Deutsch NY CEO Val DiFebo welcomed this opportunity as well. He said:

We are super passionate and excited about Betway as a brand and their vision to disrupt the category. Taking on the crowded online sports gambling space and helping the brand establish itself in the US market are the types of challenges we love taking on.

Deutsch NY CEO Val DiFebo

DiFebo confirmed that his agency will be looking forward to working closely with the Betway team and ensuring that the company is well-represented in the US market and continues to grow its presence.


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