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Betway Extends Partnership with Brazil’s Esports Powerhouse MIBR

Leading esports betting bookmaker Betway has extended its partnership with Brazilian esports team “Made in Brazil” for another year.

MIBR and Betway Continue Together for a Fifth Year

Betway has had its paws in many esports honey pots and Made in Brazil (MIBR), one of the country’s leading Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional teams, is one of those. The sportsbook has announced earlier this week that it’s extending its sponsorship of the team for another year.

This is the fourth year Betway has vouched for MIB trust and remained the title sponsor for the country’s most successful CS: GO squad. As part of the partnership, Betway Esports’ logo will be featured on the team’s jerseys and signage will be available across social media channels.

Betway has had a crucial role to play in the team’s history, helping the founder of the team hunt talent and finance initial operations in 2018. Commenting on this development, Betway head of esports Adam Savinson reflected on this important moment in the mutual history of the sportsbook and team.

“In 2018, we had the great honor of becoming founding partners of MIBR, helping to re-launch this legendary brand.”

-Betway head of esports Adam Savinson

By renewing this collaboration, Betway is hoping to continue offering a top-notch product to fans not just in Brazil but all over the world. Betway has been particularly involved with MIBR’s success, hosting various events, including MIBR Stars and Lobby das Estrelas, featuring team members.

Nurturing Local Esports Talent

Responding to this, MIBR director Yuri Uchiyama said that he was equally pleased to continue the collaboration between the two organizations.

“Our partnership with Betway and their continued support of the CS: GO community, particularly in Brazil, has helped us grow the largest, most passionate, and engaged fan base in the world,” Uchiyama said.

Through this agreement, MIBR hopes to develop future talent and continue to contribute to the esports ecosystem. Betway is also sponsoring the BLAST Premier, one of the leading esports events with a particular focus on CS: GO. In December, the company renewed the partnership for a third year.


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