January 11, 2023 3 min read

Betway Expands Agreement with Sportradar

Betway and Sportradar expanded their existing agreement. The renewed deal will see the supplier provide the operator with more of its solutions

Sportradar, the world’s leading sports technology company, has minted a new agreement with the sports wagering operator Betway. Per the new agreement, the supplier will provide the operator with a suite of CRM tools.

As announced, Betway officially selected Sportradar as its sports data and technology provider of choice, expanding the existing relations between the two companies. The deal, which has been so far primarily focused on sports betting services, will now be expanded to include marketing and streaming tools.

Sportradar will now power Betway with its ad:s multi-channel performance marketing platform, as well as with its Audio Visual series – a solution which feature a selection of live sports content from all over the world.

Sportradar to Provide Betway with Its Ad:s and AV Solutions

Sportradar’s ad:s service is a robust solution based on the company’s profound experience with digital markets and online behaviors. Its tools will help the sports betting operator vastly increase its marketing range. It will also help Betway engage players, channel customers toward its display, video and social channels and inspire customer loyalty. The solution will also allow Betway to create customized experiences for its clients.

The supplier’s Audio Visual solution, on the other hand, boasts 400,000 live sports events each year. By adopting the AV offering, the operator will greatly be able to engage its customers with content from some of the best sporting events in the world. This includes the famous American NBA, MLB and NHL leagues, as well as top-tier European events including the German Bundesliga and the Spanish Copa del Rey.

Under the expanded agreement, Sportradar will also continue to provide Betway with its acclaimed Bet Entertainment Tools, Live Odds, Pre-Match Odds and the distribution of Live Data from premium sports competitions.

The expanded agreement is sure to help Betway engage more customers, boost its popularity and improve profitability while providing players with best-in-class betting content.

Betway Is Excited to Expand Its Agreement with the Supplier

Antony Werkman, Betway’s chief executive officer, commented on the agreement, sharing his team’s excitement about the expanded deal with Sportradar. He said:

We’re really excited by our latest agreement with Sportradar that allows us to engage our customers across a variety of devices, platforms, and channels, which further enhances the sports betting experience.

Antony Werkman, CEO, Betway

Ed Blonk, Sportradar’s chief commercial officer, used the opportunity to emphasize some of the boons Sportradar can offer to operators. He noted that his company’s intelligence-driven tech is backed by robust AI solutions and Sportradar’s profound understanding of the sports sector. Thanks to this, the company is able to support operators and help them attract new customers.

By creating an enhanced, highly personal experience for customers, sportsbooks are now able to differentiate their offering to establish loyalty, drive growth and be distinctive in an increasingly competitive environment.

Ed Blonk, CCO, Sportradar

In other news, last month, Sportradar made a foray into Ohio ahead of the launch of sports betting in the state.


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