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likes: Secures Funding in a HappyHour-led Round

HappyHour and the other investors are certain that Betty’s innovative approach will cement it as a leader in NA iGaming, a gaming investor, unveiled an investment in, an Ontarian online casino brand. Betty will use the money to consolidate its presence in its home market and further expand its footprint in North America.

HappyHour explained that it decided to support the casino company because of its unique positioning, proprietary platform and experience management. According to the investor, Betty has everything it needs to become a disruptor in North America’s online gambling and betting.

The investment round, led by HappyHour, also attracted the attention of other prominent investors, including Seth Young, Mark Mariani, Endzone Media and Milwaukee Venture Partners. The funding, the announcement says, will be crucial to helping Betty expand beyond its home market.

The investors are convinced that Betty’s innovative approach will cement it as a leader in NA iGaming.

As an iGaming brand, Betty seeks to “create a safe, social and inclusive experience” for slots aficionados. Its products are primarily marketed to female slot players, with the company catering to the preferences of that specific demographic.

Betty is bullish on expanding its presence and reaching more slot players in Ontario and beyond. Its team of professionals is constantly working to make the brand more appealing to its target audience.

HappyHour Is Thrilled to Support Betty

Robin Reed, managing partner of HappyHour, commented on the new agreement. He said that his team is glad to provide Betty with the funding it needs to turn its growth plans into a reality. Reed praised the casino brand’s robust managing team, saying that HappyHour trusts in the operator’s potential.

Combining their operational know-how and proprietary technology with our product expertise, we hope to help expand its reach and bring its unique gaming experience to a wider audience.

Robin Reed, managing partner, HappyHour also released a statement on the matter, with its CEO, Justin Park, praising Reed and HappyHour for being some of the best VCs in the world of iGaming.

With their expertise, Betty will be propelled towards our mission of becoming a top offering in North America, with entertainment and inclusivity as its cornerstones.

Justin Park, Co-Founder and CEO, Betty

Last year, HappyHour invested in the Chilean operator, helping it achieve its targets. Betsala is best known for its unique propositions, such as its innovative Free Bet Club.

Another iGaming company to secure HappyHour’s backing was Kero Gaming, which received over $2 million during the round.


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