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Betting Is Increasingly Social Activity, Says Recent Study

Entain released the results of a new study titled “Lockdown Spurs Rising Demand for Personal Freedom and Choice”. Approximately 94% of the participants of the survey support that they should be free to decide how they would like to spend their time and money. Additionally, 55% of the participants deemed gambling a social activity.

British Adults Want to Be Free to Decide How to Spend Their Time and Money

New research from Ladbrokes and Coral owner, Entain, reveals how people in the UK feel about gambling. Approximately 2,000 people participated in the survey and the results are surprising. Some 94% of the participants who bet at least once a month share the opinion that they should be free to decide how they would like to spend their time and money.

This result marks a significant increase from 79% which was recorded during a similar survey last December, just before the new lockdown measures were introduced in the UK. With that in mind, the lockdown started in January this year and since then, the country has been gradually lifting restrictions, allowing people to choose how to spend their free time and money.

According to the recent study, 55% of the participants deemed betting and gaming social activities. Furthermore, 25% confirmed that they have made good friends through betting and gaming.

More than 90% of the people who enjoy placing bets self-determine as sports fans. Furthermore, 83% bet on outcomes of various sports. Approximately half of the people who enjoy betting on sports approve that the gambling industry supports football.

When it comes to spending, the study found that 78% of the participants place a bet at least once a week. Usually, those bets are roughly half of what the people would spend each week visiting restaurants, bars, and pubs.

Furthermore, approximately 58% of the participants who enjoy betting self-determined as savers. On the other hand, 84% admitted having savings accounts. A minority of 38% admitted that they enjoy spending money.


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