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Better Collective Partners for Betting Content with SPORT1

Better Collective, a leading sport betting media, has signed a new partnership with SPORT1, a German sports platform, to deliver dedicated content for the latter’s sports betting section. Thanks to this partnership, SPORT1 will have access to one of the most successful suppliers of sports and sports betting-oriented content.

Better Collective to Deliver Tailored Content and Statistics

Better Collective owns Action Network, one of the biggest media in the world that is focused on the growing and regulated betting market in the United States. What will follow from here on in is a collaboration that will see Better Collective produce and deliver content for nine million unique users monthly in German-speaking jurisdictions, and Germany in particular.

The company will work on data, statistics, content, and more for’s dedicated sports betting section. Better Collective will seek to empower and provide engaging solutions to sports fans and help familiarize them with the realities of the betting market, so they can participate while making well-informed decisions.

Better Collective’s partnership will cover also Magic Sports Media GmbH. Both Magic Sports and SPORT1 are owned by the same parent company, SPORT1 MEDIEN Group. Magic Sports is already well-versed in various aspects of the gambling experience as well, including casino, lottery, poker, and betting.

Better Collective CEO and co-founder Jesper Søgaard welcomed the new partnership and said that it was an opportunity for the company to establish its footprint in Germany with one of the best-known brands.

We look forward to getting started and I know that my colleagues at are working hard to be ready with appealing and engaging content for the Bundesliga season and in good time for the World Cup in football that is coming up in November.

Better Collective CEO and co-founder Jesper Søgaard

Matthias Kirschenhofer, the board member of SPORT1 MEDIEN, added that this new opportunity with Better Collective will offer a fresh approach to sports and the sports betting space. He described the vertical as an “economically interesting market,” and felt that through Better Collective’s innovative tools, SPORT1 will be in a strong position to strike home with sports fans and help increase sports fans’ success rate when placing a bet.

Mainstream and Sports Betting Media Team Up

Better Collective previously teamed up with The Chicago Tribune, striking a similar arrangement with the media outlet. As a result, the newspaper will receive content and stats from Better Collective’s in-house team.

But Better Collective is not the only sports (betting) media out there that is moving in to strike partnerships with mainstream media.  Catena, another humongous affiliate company, struck a similar partnership with just last week.


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