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Betsoft Gaming Launches Supreme 777 Jackpots, an Innovative Blackjack Experience

The new title will feature innovative mechanics such as Progressive Jackpot and Perfect Pairs Side Bets, allowing fans to win more money

Betsoft Gaming has released a new Blackjack-inspired game called Supreme 777 Jackpots. The new table game has many features that will offer additional excitement to the players.

For example, the new title will feature a Progressive Jackpot feature, as well as a Perfect Pairs Side Bets mechanic. As a result, Supreme 777 Jackpots melds traditional Blackjack with jackpot games.

Supreme 777 Jackpots gives three hands of Blackjack across six decks at the same time. The game leverages “Las Vegas Strip” rules, with the exception that the pack is shuffled after every round. Furthermore, players can double after splitting and double on cards 9, 10 and 11 only.

Each hand of cards is played against the bank and individual bets can be placed on each hand and each feature, both at the same time or separately.

As in Blackjack, the goal of Supreme 777 Jackpots is to score 21 or a number that is as close as possible to that. Players that beat the bank will scoop up winnings of 3/2x before the next dealing.

Blackjack – But Not as You Know It!

The Perfect Pairs Side Bet allows players to try and match the first two cards dealt by face value, color or both. If they manage to do so, they can get up to 25x their bet with an instant payout.

In addition, the Supreme 777 Jackpots mechanic gives players the chance to win a Minor, Major or Grand Jackpot. The Jackpot bet is a completely separate game from the main Blackjack game, the developer explained.

Jackpot bettors will win a payout on 7s. With each 7 dealt, the payout will increase. If the first three cards dealt are 7s, the player will win a Jackpot. Players will win the Grand Jackpot if all these 7s are Spades.

Supreme 777 Jackpots is an exciting casino experience with what Betsoft described as a “generous 97.86% RTP.” The game boasts a deliberately wide betting range, allowing every spin to grow the winnings.

The Game Is Designed to Appeal to Many Players

Betsoft Gaming’s head of account management, Anastasia Bauer, commented on the new launch, saying that the game is a “classic with a twist” that both players of traditional Blackjack and seekers of innovative experiences will like.

Whether you are a fan of strategy or lucky chances, this jackpot Blackjack is designed for you. Our players expect constant innovation from us and Supreme 777 Jackpots™ delivers on every front. We are expecting this to be a big hit with our clients.

Anastasia Bauer, head of account management, Betsoft Gaming

The game was launched yesterday and is also available in a mini game format.


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