October 5, 2021 3 min read


Betpoint Group Becomes PressEnter Focused on Bigger, Grander Targets

Rebranding in the iGaming and sports betting worlds is not a too frequent occurrence, and that is why when this happens, it usually sends ripples across the entire industry. After GVC Holdings ditched its name and became Entain, non-insiders have all but forgotten that GVC Holdings even existed, as the rebranded entity has set a distinctly different tone, focusing on responsible gambling, social responsibility and regulated gambling experience. Another industry heavyweight has rebranded, as well, ready to make a deep dive into the growing market.

Betpoint Chooses New Name to Reflect Dynamic Growth 

Betpoint Group has decided that it’s time to rebrand itself as the dynamic of its growth in iGaming mandates a new, broader focus. Moving forward, Betpoint Group will be referred to as PressEnter Group. The company now owns six online casino brands and has a workforce that has grown by 400% over the past year alone, PressEnter Group detailed in a release. 

It’s in this context that the company, led by chief executive Lahcene Merzoug, found it appropriate to unveil its new corporate identity that puts the entity on a trajectory to become an industry powerhouse. 

The etymology of the name is intuitive, too, with PressEnter eliciting action from consumers but also communicating decisiveness, boldness and a mindset that allows the company to always be the first to take action. PressEnter will use this development to also set courses for new markets and launch new brands that allow it to secure market share and continue to gather momentum in existing ones.

PressEnter will also mark the shift towards its new identity by expanding into a new asset class with an online sportsbook set to launch soon, the company explained. The now-former Betpoint is also keen to get behind strategic mergers and acquisitions (M&As) that would allow it to catch up to other behemoths in the industry and leverage its own identity and product to reach consumers. 

Going Beyond Existing Products and Adding New Verticals 

New verticals and product lines will all be inspired by Betpoint Group’s strong infrastructure, but they will pass through PressEnter’s unique new way of viewing business as consumer-focused and responsible. Commenting on this development, Merzoug said, “I am delighted to unveil our new brand identity, which aligns perfectly with our ambitions to become a tier-one operator of online casinos and sportsbook brands in the industry.”

“We see this fast-moving business as being a mix of technology, entertainment, and iGaming, which the PressEnter name and branding captures,” he added. The chief executive believes that PressEnter brand name captures the qualities that the company behind it wishes to communicate, including a focus on modern, dynamic, and agile iGaming practices. To become part of this journey, Lahcene explains, all you need to do is PressEnter. 


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