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BetMGM Secures RG Check Accreditation from the RGC

The accreditation is a testament to BetMGM’s ongoing efforts to promote responsibility throughout its business, CEO Greenblatt said

Global gambling giant BetMGM announced that it has been awarded one of the industry’s top accreditations from the Responsible Gambling Council. The council acknowledged the efficiency of BetMGM’s responsible gaming and player protection efforts in North America and provided the operator with the RG Check certification.

In its official announcement, BetMGM noted that the accreditation attests to its commitment to protecting its players from harm.

RG Check is considered to be among the most extensive and strict responsible gambling accreditation programs in the gambling industry. The program validates the organizations that are the most committed to providing their customers with sufficient safeguards to prevent addiction. It also evaluates companies’ procedures, policies, protocols and the problem gambling training of its employees.

BetMGM underwent a rigorous evaluation process before receiving the RG Check accreditation. This process included the review of its responsible gaming policies and procedures, staff training and player protection tools. An RGC team of experts carefully probed into BetMGM’s responsible gaming program and provided recommendations for improvement.

BetMGM said that its US, Ontario and Borgata online brands were subject to the accreditation.

CEO Greenblatt Is Proud of the Accreditation

RGC’s chief executive officer, Shelley White, congratulated BetMGM on achieving the RG Check accreditation for all of its platforms in North America. She emphasized that this demonstrates BetMGM’s commitment to protecting its players from harm.

We commend BetMGM for its dedication to promoting responsible gambling practices and its efforts to ensure the well-being of their players.

Shelley White, CEO, RGC

Meanwhile, the CEO of BetMGM, Adam Greenblatt, said that he is proud to see his company receive the prestigious accreditation. He said that this attests to his team’s ongoing efforts to promote responsibility.

This accreditation is a testament to our ongoing efforts to promote responsibility throughout our business and to ensure the well-being of our customers. We will continue to work closely with the RGC and other industry partners to promote a culture of safe and enjoyable gambling.

Adam Greenblatt, CEO, BetMGM

Despite steadily growing its business, BetMGM remains bullish on shielding its customers from the dangers of irresponsible gambling. The company is proud to leverage its proprietary GameSense program to help its customers play responsibly. The industry-leading program is developed and licensed to MGM Resorts by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

GameSense is integrated into BetMGM’s mobile and desktop platforms and allows customers to feel safe when playing with MGM Resorts. It complements the operators’ rich suite of safer gambling tools.


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